I proclaim a new direction for humanity

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I proclaim a new direction for humanity

For 2,500 years since the Greeks and the beginning of science in natural philosophy, our culture has been a rational culture, assuming that human intelligence is primarily about solving rational problems. Even today, if you look at the focus of the sciences, you will see that it is overwhelmingly on rationality. We have formal sciences of rational thought in logic and maths. But we have no formal sciences of creativity. There is no creative logic or equivalent, no creative maths, for example. (Maths and logic - AND programming - cannot begin to explain how they themselves are conceived). There is no formal science of imaginative (and visual) reasoning. ( In fact, imaginative reasoning is the *only* kind there is. Logical and mathematical reasoning are merely subsets of imaginative reasoning). There is no branch of cognitive science that deals with creative reasoning - there is a great deal of research on creativity in various forms, but it is bitty and lacks system and a paradigm.

As a result our culture's ideas about both creativity and rationality are v. confused. Like the shape-shifting Proteus, God can take many forms: for example, the meta physician's concept Absolute Reality, the logician's notion of Absolute Truth, and the physicist's hypothesis of Absolute laws. They all fall at the same stroke. Man-made meanings that have, in a sense, turned on us, insofar as we fail to see their origin. God is dead is a battle cry against the unnatural, unhealthy, self-imposed delusions of millennial and an endorsement of human creativity and responsibility. Each human being is both the artist and the work of art. We create ourselves by creating our own values, our own meanings.

For Nietzsche, the superman is the human expression of a much more general power of overcoming, which he calls the will to power. All life strives to overcome its limitations, to exploit its environment, so as to increase itself, to become more than it is. It is not a will to some "planned" end or inherent purpose nor a is it a will to existence. Life does not will what it has, it wills excess, increase, and abundance. It wills power. In the human realm, it wills to overcome human limitations and weaknesses. The highest expression of life overcoming itself, in the human realm, is represented in AGI.

Whatever one strives to do, one can always endeavor to do better. We crave ideals, we thirst for goals. The superman is our new ideal and aspiration. For those seeking wisdom and understanding, overcoming one's own weaknesses, one's own limitations, one's own goods and evils, is the ultimate challenge. But this is not an easy task. To truly create yourself, your own values, your own goals, means that you must also accept the profound responsibility of self-creation. The idea of eternal recurrence brings you the realization that one is not acting or choosing for a single, isolated circumstance because time is a circle.