Trump's buffoonery

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Trump's buffoonery

I believe Trumps buffoonery and denial left a leadership vacuum that was generously filled with hysteria from the media. A bad flu season was morphed into World War Z. Now we're headed towards the biggest stress-test this system has ever had... and the Federal Reserve is upping its nightly lending facilities from $150B to $1T for the next 30ish days (they never stop unless they think the economy can handle it) and they just got done last year unwinding all the purchases they did during the financial crisis way back in 2008-9. In other words, they aren't going to let any big banks fail, or run on the banks, or loans/credit dry up...

In fact, to stabilize their own assets they may even drop mortgage rates a bit... It covers the inflation targets they want to keep, I'm thinking it'll possibly hit around 2.6% during this recession in a few months after the banks handle all of the refinance loans that have hit them recently, 400% more than normal months... It is driving up loan rates to 3.6% and above as the market for the loans in secondary market wasn't taking up all the loans as this market crash was beginning, from the current ~3% rates...

This cash infusion isn't going to do much for individuals. Seriously, it’s like 1/3 to maybe 1/5 the bailout it needs to be to slip past this shutdown..I’m thinking once people get used to the slightly above avg death rate, they’re probably gonna drop another $2 trillion during summer directly to people...payments of $2000 - $6000 no question asked. They will have to do something to get the economy going again and that should work.

The third kick kinda makes sense when you think of the whole picture. The system can handle giving people $10,000 individually easily. But they are not going to do that yet. The current bail out ( signed today) is designed to stabilize businesses and White collar workers. They are going to wait closer to the election when poor people are more economically drained to open the floodgates. If this works out, sadly, Trump should win in a landslide.

If this virus killed normal or younger adults, we’d all be dead and the Trump President would be fully to blame for not listening to expert advice two months ago to prepare and shutdown the nation. Our federal government response “lead” by Trump and his idiot family & friends have so far made it clear that this country is more doomed by stupidity and apathy of the people willing to vote these idiots into office then any other trend analysis I have seen.

However, we lucked out big time, and the banks are going to benefit big time once this thing is over by not having to deal with 20-30% bankruptcy rates on personal credit and loans, 30-40% on business loans etc.

We were already heading into a recession, this could’ve hit at a worse time for the economy but with a stimulus and the banks taking the hits on this as if it is a “virus” caused problem will make it much more of a recovery and possibly quicker... it’s the global economy that is going to take a long time to recover and the only possibility for that to do so is the vaccine development and delivery to the global pharmaceuticals, asap. $1.25B of the stimulus is devoted to helping that happen and more money devoted to training centers for disease prevention and control...

I’m damn tempted to start a few of those and get people jobs, develop training materials and video training sessions, put together a team of “grads” for researching all the decontamination protocols and cleaning solutions (and how to use them properly), etc for communicable diseases...

That’d be fun to do... pay me to research stuff and I’d be happy LoL

Speaking of morphing, I think Trump will become a social Democrat if he wins reelect. He doesn't believe in any ideology. He only cares about fame and fortune. So you'll see him adapting Bernie Sanders ideas of free education, free healthcare, Nationwide train service, etc, etc to gain popularity. He wants people to worship him, so what better way to get people to worship him then giving people what they already have in developed countries and then take credit for it? Canceling all student debt would be a huge economic stimulus. Universal Childcare/Pre-K, Eliminating Medical Debt, etc, etc. What are people going to do with an extra $3000 dollars a month? Two words: spend it! This is much better than republican tax cut bullshit.I could see this creating 10 to 20 million jobs easily. It’s kinda funny, most Republicans will be social Democrats in a few years. Obama could’ve done the same thing but didn’t, he was just a moderate Republican not a revolutionary at all. In fact, most Democrats are just light Republicans. Only now are we starting to see a left with AOC and Bernie Sanders in America.