Colorful Mosque

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The Colorful Mosque is a monument of culture built in the 15th century, and it was built up and expanded in the 19th century by Abdurrhman Pasha, Turkish feudal lord of the Tetovo Pashalik (Pasha’s district).

It is located in the old part of Tetovo by the river Pena. It is square one room building possessing architectonic combination baroque and neoclassical Ottoman building style.

The data about the history of the Painted Mosque and the surrounding buildings are engraved in the marble plates placed above the entrance door.

The Colorful Mosque having its façade is considered as one of the mist attractive cultural monuments in Tetovo.

The numerous picturesquely painted ornaments, the graphic and painting techniques represent rarity and extraordinary work of the Islamic architecture.

They are the work of skilled masters from Debar, who did not only paint the interior and the exterior of the mosque; they also decorated the dervish Arabat-bab Tekke and several private houses of the Bey.

Especially picturesque is the south side which can be seen from the main road to Gostivar .