Gate Macedonia

Submitted 5 years 9 months ago by vlado.mitev.

Gate Macedonia is a symbol of great historical victory – the creation of independent and sovereign Republic of Macedonia was built in 2011 and put into use on Christmas day in 2012.

The facility has dimensions from 20 meters to 10 meters and 21 meters in height.

The front is decorated by 32 reliefs in deep carving, and total area of 193 meters squared.

Scenes from prehistoric periods are presented starting from the pile-dwelling in the Bay of the Bones, from the antic with Fillip II and Alexander III of Macedon, from the Roman period with Justinian I, the middle century Tsar Samuil, Krali Marko and Karpos, till 20th century and Ilinden, ASNOM, the exudes of Aegean Macedonia and 8th of September 1991 – the declaring of independent Macedonia.

Reliefs of St. Jovan Bigroski are located at the facility, then the Ohrid House, Daur Pashin Hamam, Strugas Bridge of Poetry.

Souvenir shops have been found in the inner part as well as gallery at two levels including surveillance platform at top.