Katlanovo Spa

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Katlanovo Spa

Katlanova spa has always been favorite recreation place for the citizens of the city of Skopje.

This doesn’t need to be strange considering the beautiful and abounded nature hidden by the valley of the Pcinja River, and the renown of the healing water.

The suitability for it to be actively exploited is constituted by its closeness to the city of Skopje, which is 25 km away from this wonderful location, the small distance of 1,5 km from the main artery the cuts the Republic of Macedonia, the highway Belgrade – Athens, in the closeness of the Airport Alexander the Great, 4 km away from the spa.

The spa is successfully managed by the Society of physical medicine and Specialist Medical Rehabilitation “Katlanovo Spa”.
It is known the waters of Katlanovo Spa have been used as early as in the time of the Roman Empire.

It is confirmed by the Pointiger’s map of the Roman roads (264 a.d.) and witnesses by various written documents and archaeological excavation of old Roman Thermae.

Later, during the Ottoman Empire this spa had important role in the treatment of rheumatic diseases for the purpose of which the Turkish bath and a few tubs were built.

The temperature of the water at the sprint point range between 56 to 64 degrees Celsius.