Matka Canyon

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Matka Canyon is located west of Skopje, the capital of Macedonia, approximately 15 kilometers from downtown Skopje. Matka is one of the most popular outdoor destinations in Macedonia and is home to several medieval monasteries.

Wonderful part of untouched nature, it has great wealth of rich oak and beech forest, beautiful pink flowers, white headed eagles and rare animal species, abounds with many cultural and historical monuments, mainly monasteries, due to which is
called the small Mount Athos.

Matka's crisp cuddle with her beauty attracted people from the earliest times to this day. The rocks of Matka and its surroundings were inhabited continuously from prehistory, through the Roman and Byzantine period to the present.

An interesting experience is riding a boat that sails along the narrow canyon, and on both sides delights the beautiful scenery with steep cliffs. Water jumping lovers have several places to do, but this applies only to those who know Matka well.

The Matka Lake is the oldest artificial lake in the Country. It has 10 under water caves, and on the caves called Vrelo cave. It is believed that is one of the deepest underwater caves in the World though the depth of the cave is still unexplored.

Address: Street 1;Village Matka, Village Matka 1000, Macedonia (FYROM)
Phone: +389 70 271 900