Neolith dwelling Tumba Madjari

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Neolith dwelling Tumba Madjari is an archaeological locality with an outside museum and it is located in the current settlement of Chento and it represents the most significant dwelling in Skopje valley from the neolith – early Stone Age. The life here happened in continuity between 6000 and 4300 year BC, economic wealth and cultural prosperity in the medieval neolith (5800-5200 BC). Major number of ceramic findings is found here, exhibited in the Museum of Macedonia. From 2008 to 2010 several houses were built in the spirit of neolith architecture where different inventory is presented for the purpose of reconstruction if the life of neolith man. The houses are made of wood, straw, mud covered and built according to the neolith tradition. The distribution of the objects, discovered at the locality, points out of conceived organization, closely connected to the importance and role of the temple.