Palata №6

Submitted 6 years 11 months ago by Rose Angeles.

Palata №6, named after Anton Chekhov's story, gives off one of Kiev's weirdest nightlife experiences. It is strategically located in the courtyards of Vorovskogo Street. First-time guests would need to exert a bit of effort to locate this extraordinary bar.

Once inside, guests are greeted by bar tenders wearing doctor uniforms and waitresses clad in nurse costumes.

The drinks or "medications" are served in medical test tubes or beakers while some are squirted right down the guest's throat through oddly-sized syringes. Staff would sometimes offer their guest to wear a straitjacket and have the drinks syringed into their mouth or partake in the ultimate helmet challenge.

They offer an English menu and you won't leave their place or "chamber" hungry as the food serving is hefty.

Palata №6 is open up to 2 in the morning.