Popova Kula Winery

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The Wine cellar “Popova Kula” was established for the purpose of production of Macedonian high quality wine and for ideal wine tourism. It succeeded in its intention, through high criteria of selection of grape from the best plantations in the region, high technology and best expert team to create wine to be proud of. One is amazed its beauty, and charmed by the wines aroma and flavor. High quality wines the luxurious building the outstanding picturesque nature make an exciting union for unforgettable experience. The wine cellar “Popova Kula” and wine plantation are located on the south slope of Veliko Brdo, west of the beautiful town of Demir Kapija. Since ancient this region has been adorned by numbers wine plantation, deployed on the surrounding hills. At the beginning of the 20th century King Alexander Karadjordjevic lie down the roads of his first plant of grapevine just in these area. Over time, this region in Macedonia became a national treasure in the production of wine.