Restaurant Beijing Garden

Submitted 6 years 10 months ago by vlado.mitev.

Restaurant Beijing Garden is a modern Asian restaurant in the center of Skopje. The Asian-style restaurant offers a huge selection of Chinese and Japanese cuisine specialties. For all Asian food lovers, we have brought professional chefs from China to Beijing Garden, and you will have the opportunity to try out the real and unique Chinese - Japanese flavors.
The restaurant with a location in the heart of Skopje, on the square Macedonia (formerly Pivnica), on the famous street Maxim Gorky no. 3 and Nikola Vaptsarov is an excellent choice for lunch and dinner, as well as for celebrations or business meetings.
Beijing Garden has introduced real novelties in restaurant operations: guests will have the opportunity to use the choice of foods served on saucers in 5 different colors of the first "raning sushi strip" in Macedonia, which is recognized in most Japanese restaurants around the world. Also, as a novelty it can be noted that guests will be able to see how the food on the hot plate "Tepaniakki" is prepared.
The atmosphere of the restaurant captivated with the inner characteristic social setting of the connection of modern and rustic design of tables, wooden soft chairs with imported porcelain and volcanic stone tables.
Bamboo Garden is one of the things that makes our restaurant special - authentic in its own way. It's in the city center, but makes you feel like you're in a Zen garden. Bamboo decorated garden, the ceremony for serving tea at the laid tea and fountain table makes you feel full of all senses for taste and beauty.
In the VIP area you will have VIP treatment and service, apart from other guests, you can enjoy your meal during meetings and special occasions.