Restaurant Marger

Submitted 6 years 10 months ago by vlado.mitev.

Restaurant Marghera, owned by Mr. Stoyan Vosthtyarov, was a place for the city's bohemian life of the old citizens of Skopje, a place of meetings, festivities and good entertainment from 1939 to 1945, when it stopped working.
After a pause of 65 years, Marger, owned by the descendants of Mr. S. Vosthtyanov, again starts working at a new location, now as a modern restaurant in the heart of Skopje's city park. The idea of ​​retaining the old name, in fact, is an idea for the renewal of the old Bohemian tradition that binds to the brown Marger, but in a way that suits the contemporary Macedonian most.
Traditional in Marger is inevitably related to taste. The taste of Margar's various tapas, main dishes and specialties is unique and unrepeatable. This can not be talked about, the specialties must be tasted, experienced. Marghera combines the traditional with the modern, the former with the present. The result of this bond is a place with a pleasant atmosphere in which you will want to enjoy your loved ones, with your friends or with your business partners.