Restaurant Skopski Merak

Submitted 6 years 8 months ago by vlado.mitev.

The restaurant Skopski Merak started working on 21 May 1991. In an old house on Andon Dukov Street in Debar Maalo. We started off with 5 tables and 20 plastic chairs. We are proud of the new Skopski Merak on Debarca Street in the heart of the same Debar Maalo.

Great gratitude to all who have supported us in the past 21 years, to the staff who worked and who still works with us, as well as to our competition that has made us and still makes us work better in the interests of our guests.

We entered this business as young and full of enthusiasm and caterers determined to introduce new standards in catering. That elan does not hold still, and while doing so we will do what we have worked with the hope that for the next 21 years.