Skopje Kale (tower)

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Skopje Kale (tower)

It is believed that the fortress, also familiar as Skopje Kale (tower) was inhabited during Neolith and Bronze Age.

There are numerous archaeological data that can witness that. The fortress dates back in the period of the Tsar Justinian I (535). Due to its strategic location and role, the fortress use to be attacked and use very frequently by different invaders. After the fall of Samuils Empire (1018), the city was invaded by Petar Deljan (1014-1041). Afterwards, it was attacked by Kumani, Skiti, Pechenzi and some other attackers.

Numerous archaeological remain have been found on the Kale. Nowadays, Skopje’s Fortress Kale s one of the most remarkable buildings in Skopje were various cultural and tourist motives are present.

The fortress Kale represents one of the most attractive and complex localities of the archaeological researches. Kale’s findings date back from prehistory throughout ancient and medieval period to the Turkish period and stormy 20th century.