Transfagarasan Road

Submitted 6 years 10 months ago by deloredana.

Rightly considered one of the most spectacular road trails in the world, being included in many international tops, Transfagarasan is remarkable due to the height at which it was built, the beautiful landscapes and the numerous serpentines. The road is spectacular because it crosses the Fagaras mountains, the highest mountains in the country, so it reaches an altitude of 2042 meters, being the second road in Romania as altitude after Transalpina.

Also known as DN7C, the Transfagarasan road connects Transylvania to Muntenia and is 92 km long, 27 viaducts and bridges and a 887-meter long tunnel, crossing the mountain of Paltin. Due to the numerous serpentines the average speed is 40 km / h at most. Also due to the altitude, massive snowfall and avalanche risk, Transfagarasan is only open in July - October. Between November 1 and July 30, the sector between kilometer 104 and kilometer 130 is closed to traffic.