Romania in a Nutshell

Written on 08/22/2017 - 01:21 by Shawn Blake

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Rightly considered one of the most spectacular road trails in the world, being included in many international tops, Transfagarasan is remarkable due to the height at which it was built, the beautiful landscapes and the numerous serpentines. The road is spectacular because it crosses the Fagaras...
Nightlife & Bars
Pache Protopopescu Boulevard, the area where the place is located is beautiful, with many old buildings, the atmosphere of interwar Bucharest. This local is distinguished mainly by the exciting atmosphere created by the Karaoke sessions, live rock concerts, relaxing, even uninhibited atmosphere.
Food & Restaurants
Situated in the center of Bucharest, in Alba Iulia Square, the Cafe High Class Cafe also has a terrace, ideal for summer, where you can enjoy relaxing moments with friends or enjoy a coffee in a business meeting.Being guarded by the crowded city and heavy traffic, High Class Cafe guarantees quiet...
Food & Restaurants
The Gate was opened in 2005 in the immediate vicinity of Herastrau Park. It has gained its reputation thanks to the traditional Italian coffee, but it can also be served here espresso, tea, beer, cocktail. Here you can have breakfast, lunch, dinner in a warm atmosphere, an ideal place to relax in...
Nightlife & Bars
Opened in 2008, Ramayana Cafe has earned the renowned oasis of relaxation, where you can pamper yourself with exotic and tasty products, talk to friends with a hookah in the most spectacular oriental decor in Bucharest and forget to leave because is open Non Stop.Basic products include tea - a...
Food & Restaurants
The "Les Bourgeois" café combines with great taste on the surface of the three levels, the aroma of the coffee, the comfortable furniture and the classic air with the pictures of the old town, rightly named "Little Paris" due to the bohemian architecture and atmosphere. Situated in the Historic...

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