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Submitted 1 year 10 months ago by AlexP.

I'd heard that any DF area with the word "Lomas" in its name is usually really good, but I wasn't expecting to find it so Americanized. Interlomas is insane; it literally feels like I'm in the OC. When compared to Cuidad Neza, it's like night and day; in Interlomas, everyone has light skin, is...

Submitted 1 year 10 months ago by AlexP.

Mexican women have become far too fat to make it worthwhile for a single, high-value man to remain there. Mexico has surpassed the United States as the world's most obese nation. The women of Mexico city are often shapeless with a rectangular frame. Others are fat. Most of the women that people would qualify as hot are located in the western part of the city, which unfortunately is reserved to corporate slaves, and is very spread-out.

Submitted 1 year 12 months ago by Aleksey.

Mexico's portrayal in the United States media is dreadful. It's as if there's some form of misinformation campaign against the nation. Dirty, hot, with sombrero-wearing bandits and drug-related killings and kidnappings of foreigners. Nothing good can ever be said about the country. Was I in for a...