Interlomas, also known as the OC of Mexico City

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I'd heard that any DF area with the word "Lomas" in its name is usually really good, but I wasn't expecting to find it so Americanized. Interlomas is insane; it literally feels like I'm in the OC. When compared to Cuidad Neza, it's like night and day; in Interlomas, everyone has light skin, is affluent as fuck, arrogant, and it doesn't even feel like Mexico.

In fact, portions from the film Elysium (2013) were shot in this region of Mexico. The affluent space station communities were captured in Interlomas, while the barren and destitute parts were captured in Bordo de Xochiaca (2:00 onwards in the video below), just a mile west of Ciudad Neza. So it appears that Mexico is already a dystopian nightmare, fitting the film's year 2143 scenario.

The majority of Mexico City's Jews relocated from Condesa, Roma, and Downtown to Polanco, Lomas de Chapultepec, Interlomas, Bosques de las Lomas, and Tecamachalco in the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s.

Interlomas has a large number of private schools as well as a significant private university, Universidad Anahuac Mexico Norte. If you can get inside Universidad Anahuac, you will find an oasis of dimes in Mexico City. I remained at the institution for three days and sneaked in with my ex's card, and what I witnessed was mind blowing. While my ex was in class, I would hang out on campus and make acquaintances; the girls were ridiculously attractive. It is Mexico's most expensive university.

The difficulty is that Interlomas is not designed for pedestrians; you must need a car or cab to get there, and it is quite hilly; the climate is also colder, reminding me of Europe. There is also a fantastic shopping mall with amazing talent, as well as various amenities such as an ice rink and decent restaurants. If you want talent in Mexico City, look no farther than Interlomas; however, be prepared for a logistical headache; I used to take ubers from Coyoacan there and it would take over an hour on a good day.

Thoughts on Interlomas' girls in 4 parts:

Part 1: Background & Socioeconomics

Interlomas girls are not necessarily ones who were born and raised there, many come from all around the country (and even other Latin American countries) and live there for university in surrounding houses or dorms.

Aged 19-24. Their overall SMV is high (above average-looks, good height, in good shape). They attend expensive universities such as Universidad Anahuac, Universidad Iberoamericana, even Tecnológico de Monterrey. They have money, they travel, speak English well, they like to party (a lot), dress well, and most of the times are fit. They go to the most expensive clubs, malls, gyms, and wear designer brands (stylish by day, sexy by night). Most have tons of free time to dedicate to fitness and fashion from studying useless degrees (e.g. psychology, event organizing, interior design). All paid for by their parents. They have maids, and sometimes chauffeurs (and bodyguards!) so be prepared for Princess complexes. They don't have to worry for anything at all. And if this wasn't enough, they have a surplus of rich chodes and pretty-boys in their circles that shower them with attention, lavish parties and trips to Tulum/Cabos/Valle de Bravo.

So, coming forward and trying to game them offering "drinks" or even "dinner" won't cut it. Nevertheless, don't believe for a second these girls won't try to take advantage of you. Interlomas' girls can be split between "daddy's girls" and "mommy's girls", where the former live with their married parents, and in turn are better-behaved, are more feminine, smarter and dress "better". The latter often live with their divorced moms, are more feisty, "liberated", noisier, dress more "slutty" and tend to be easier to talk to, but they still like being showered with attention and bottles. They have a gaggle of simps around. I might talk about specific examples of this divide if the Interlomas' girls topic gains interest.

Part 2: How to display value

Friends who have consistently bedded these girls, have most of all these things going for them:
Money - These girls have it, and they will inherit it from their parents. If they are especially dedicated, they can pass from studying their useless degree to getting married without wasting time. In México we call these degrees "MMC - Mientras Me Caso" (WIGM - While I Get Married). So, unless you are an Arab Sheikh, money won't get you far enough, but it's assumed you have some dough through entrepreneurship or a nice job.
Looks & Age - These chicks are surrounded by pretty boys and never-aging "Mirreyes" (google Roberto Palazuelos) which in practice may look "good" with their open shirts showing their muscles. But few guys their age (20-23 y/o) in these circles dress stylish. I don't say you have to look like a GQ Model, but really pay attention to your grooming, and try to present a persona different to the sea of Mirreyes they live in. Age wise, I have observed richer girls tend to stay within their age range, but haven't had problems with being +5 years older. Now that I am beyond 30, it will get trickier.
Travel - Well, these chicks have all visited the typical "girl" tourism spots: France, Spain, Italy, Germany, United States, the UK, Portugal. Few have really ventured outside of Western Europe, or North America. Now, if you are a serious World Traveler, and have an IG profile with pictures and videos of yourself climbing mountains, riding bulls, or kayaking in the Amazonas, you have an edge over the competition.
Character & Intelligence - What are often advised as good practices (e.g. confidence, outcome independence, courage, emotional control, story-telling) has to be doubled down when handling these girls. They are surrounded by needy males and man-children, so to distinguish yourself as a high value man is the only way to go. There are rare cases of Interlomas' "daddy's girls" who study thinngs like Economy, Finance, Design, which are great for me because our conversations can go beyond their partying and gossip.
Activities & Parties: Interlomas' girls love partying somewhere swanky outside their area, or going to interesting Art Expositions and Food Fairs. They have come to parties I attend in Roma Norte, Condesa, Polanco and few rooftops in Santa Fe. They like the fresh air outside their Chanel-infused clouds back in the mountains. They show interest towards self-made, adventurous people, not the average Mirrey in their circle that got everything from the cradle.
Part 3: Access & Logistics
Part 4: How to game them? (TBD)

Disclaimer: I have gotten several "Near-Misses" with some of these girls, which later on I attributed to my game being too aggressive, not being such a "party guy", or not dressing well enough (the standard is way higher than with the typical Mexicana). But there are a few unicorns. A French friend of Moroccan descent has landed a quite pretty Interlomas' girlfriend. They met at one of my parties. She's a tad short for my tastes, but she is quite cute (blonde, blue-eyed european looking face), banger body (Mazatlán, Sinaloa), reads a lot, and is sweet. He's a "nice guy", works out (6 pack and all) and reads a lot. He's 3-4 years older than her.

That's what I think so far, about the most coveted echelon of Mexico City's female talent. It's not much different from regias, but here they are more used to the anonymity of a huge city.

Now if you ever want to get with any of these uni chicks you have to have logistics sorted because they will either live in places with high security which do not allow boys in their rooms or they will live with family. It sucked bad because even when I would visit my ex at university I couldn't sleep over due to extra high security so I always had to get airbnb in Lomas (which was expensive and spread out). In Interlomas Uber is your best best best friend, there are no buses, no metro, not even freaking proper pavements to walk on, plus you have to walk up extreme hills.

Now you may be asking how would a girl from Interlomas react to a well presented foreigner? They will react well especially if you have some business in the area e.g. taking a course, doing business. I knew of a French guy aged 21 who did his studies at Anahuac and broke up with his girlfriend in France once he arrived to the university. Literally the whole university gossiped about him and he is swimming in top-tier pussy despite having average looks. Interlomas girls love the "status" of being seen with a foreigner.

If I ever got the chance to do a masters at a top private Mexican University I would do it, the uni life can be on another level, I remember at Anahuac they even played reggaeton full volume during the day on the courtyard and hot chicks would just dance to it, or you could just lie down and sleep on the grass outside and open girls. You could see 18 year old students driving their Mercedes AMG's to school, looking like full on mirreyes trying to impress the ladies. The campus of Anahuac Norte is freaking gigantic, it would be the perfect place to game in all of Mexico City based on the talent but the security is so tight that even if you borrow someones card now it will show a picture of their face so you might have to get creative.

This is what I really have a hard time sorting out, here are some possibilities:
Night Game: You might find them in expensive clubs in Polanco, Interlomas or Santa Fe, and then you will need to handle their group of friends, because they rarely if ever go out alone (out of fear of being kidnapped, maybe?). Back-packers need not apply, you better bring at least a suit jacket, decent shoes and a watch to make the "cut" at the door.
Daygame: You'd need to intercept them in malls located near them (Condesa, Polanco, Santa Fe). Then if you live super far away (Condesa, Roma), extraction for Same Day Lays would be off the table. Insta-dates would be the way to go.
Online: I sometimes match with these chicks, but later find out they live in Satélite or Interlomas. It's a logistical nightmare, and a total frame abandonment if you go all the way to meet in their kingdom.
Social Circle: With the right friends and connections, you might have access to parties in Interlomas, befriend people from there, then organize parties yourself closer to your flat. Needless to say this takes time, and won't be an option for short term visitors.