Introducing Budapest

Budapest is Hungary's capital city. Budapest is one of Europe's most delightful and enjoyable cities, with a unique, youthful atmosphere, world-class classical music scene, pulsating nightlife increasingly enjoyed by European youth, and, last but not least, an exceptional offer of natural thermal baths. It is known as the "Paris of the East" because of its breathtaking scenery and architecture.

Budapest today is the product of the merger of two ancient cities located directly across the Danube river. Buda is on the western (left) bank, with the high hill atop which the Buda castle is located. Pest is located on the relatively flat eastern (right) bank side, with the Parliament, numerous other stately buildings, and busy streets that have been preserved in their original 19th century architectural style.

Budapest was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1987 for the cultural and architectural importance of the Danube Banks, the Buda Castle Quarter, and Andrássy Avenue.

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