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Ohrid is a city in south-west part of Macedonia on she shores of the Ohrid Lake. Ohrid is one of 28 cities on the world that are part of UNESCO, as well as the Ohrid Lake. It has 365 churches for each day of the year. It is also know as the "Jerusalem of the Balkans". The streets of Ohrid are filled with traditional restaurants and cafes located on very shores of the Ohrid Lake. One of the best tourist attraction on the Balkans filled with beautiful churches, historic monuments and medieval Castle on top of the city.Top three churches in the Ohrid are Church of St. Sophia, Church of St. Panteleimon and Church of St. John of Caneo, as well as the Monastery of St. Naum. The Monetary was established in 905 AD by St. Naum who was the disciple of St. Cyril and Methodius and the creator of the Cyrillic Alphabet. Perfect place to go sightseeing, relax and enjoy.

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Makedonium The complex of monuments called Ilinden is also known as Makedonium, and it is one of the most remarkable monuments in Krushevo as well as in Macedonia. The monument was opened on the 2nd of August 1974, on the celebration of the 30th anniversary of ASNOM and the 71st anniversary of...
Heraclea Lyncestis (4th century BC) Heraclea Lyncestis is one of the most famous ancient Macedonian Cities, situated in the vicinity of the city of Bitola. It was founded in the middle of the 4th century C by the Macedonian King Phillip the Second, father of Alexander the Great. The city grew into...
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National Park Pelister Pelister is the first protected area in Macedonia and a national park since 1948. It is situated in the south part of the country – on the mountain Baba, it is 15 km from Bitola, 65 km from Ohrid. It covers 12500 hectares; it is at 800-2601 Meters altitude up to the peak...

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