Restaurant Amor

Submitted 6 years 10 months ago by vlado.mitev.

Restaurant Amor is a new luxury restaurant for weddings, but also other various festive festivities that are important to you as well as enthusiasm, baptism, prom, absolute, celebratory celebrations, business congresses, etc.
The restaurant is open on 10.09.2014 is located in the municipality of Kisela Voda, on Blvd. Boris Trajkovski, only 5km from the center of Skopje, which has access from the street itself, and there is also a bus stop in front of the restaurant.
The restaurant itself has its own parking for 150-200 vehicles. When entering the restaurant there is a beautiful lobby, then the hall itself that leads you to think that you are in a fairy tale is followed. With the ultimate choice of colors and tones of the interior as well as its design, rich in romantic details, we are sure to fulfill all your expectations.
A special element that can change the visual appearance is the lighting that gives a glamorous detail spread throughout the hall, and the parts can be in colors that you will want. The restaurant is located on 1200m2 of which 150m2 is a foyer, 900m2 is a hall and kitchen of 150m2.
The capacity of the hall is up to 500 guests, but it is also possible to partition the part of the hall, which gives a more intimate part for less guests.