Restaurant Vezilka

Submitted 6 years 10 months ago by vlado.mitev.

Vesilka is a new restaurant for weddings, business events and celebrations that is located on the boulevard Prvomajska in Kisela Voda . The inspiration for this restaurant comes from the Macedonian Vezilka and its attention to the details, its strong connection with the Macedonian wedding and the bridal veins, as well as the uniqueness of our traditional embroidery.
Restaurant Vesilka is a modern, modern and elegant space that is designed to impress even those with the highest standards.
Vesilka's main orientation is to hold summer weddings, so the restaurant itself is designed and designed according to those needs, and this means:
-Light terrace of 700m2 fully covered with unique white membrane design -Optimum capacity of 300 guests and max. 450 guests -