Restaurant Tomche Sofka

Submitted 5 years 6 months ago by vlado.mitev.

What is the secret of this restaurant? Above all, in a relaxed atmosphere complemented with pleasant sounds of live music in the night, which allows you to feel relaxed and enjoy the food. This is not a specialized place just for food from the Macedonian region, here you can taste and various international specialties prepared in a special way by our renowned professional chefs.
From a large number of different dishes we can recommend you dishes prepared in a bakery of woods as ribs in a bakery (250g) price 350 den, traditional bakery beans (500g) price 100 denars, the famous pizza through the town of Ala Tumce (tomatoes, cheese, Mushrooms, cheese, sour cream) cost 350 denars, along with other types of pizzas, and pasta in the oven, cooking utensils and many other dishes that are really plentiful for enumeration.
Note: All dishes are specially cooked for YOU and which is most often seasoned with a lot of love.