Restaurant Uranija

Submitted 4 years 10 months ago by vlado.mitev.

Restaurant Uranija exist for more than 18 years, being top of the elite restaurants in Skopje and in the Balkan, where every day one can taste the most beautiful meals from the rich Macedonian and international menu, including premium service.
Restaurant Uranija has organized major number of cocktails, smorgasbord, gala-dinners and catering services of many famous national and foreign companies, embassies, chambers of commerce.
The long successful work is crowned by opening three more new objects – national cuisine, based on the principle of self-service. One object is located in the building of Komercijalna Banka, other in the National Bank of Macedonia and the latest one in TC Soravia.
Restaurant Uranija has its own bakery for preparation of different types of bread, pies, rolls, pastries, and sweets. The food delivery service is performed by three specialized van vehicles with thermo cabin for maintains of the food temperature. Since 2008 all restaurants of Uranija own HACCP standard.