Restaurant Veneto

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Beauty and happiness are in the place where you can be completely relaxed!
A place you know as your palm, and yet, a place that will constantly surprise you and will reveal new things to you. If you were looking for such a place and have a refined taste, we have the right one for you - Veneto!
Restaurant Veneto through the food you offer will bring you into the magic story of the Mediterranean.
Veneto is a stepping into the world of flavors that are brought to perfection and whose recipes have been refined for centuries. The magic of the Mediterranean is not only in food, it is in people, in their spirit and in the celebration of the beauties of life. This magic and positive spirit, through the Veneto restaurant, we convey to you in Skopje.
With the rich menu composed of the finest specialties from
The Mediterranean, our restaurant will serve you real food for the soul.