Bangkok's gentlemen clubs and red light districts

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If you’re looking for a night out at a naughty bar in Bangkok, you will find them in 3 main areas throughout Bangkok. Nana (Sukhumvit soi 4) and Soi Cowboy (between Sukhumvit soi 21 and 23) are at the top of Sukhumvit Road, while Patpong can be found in Silom in the soi (street) of the same name.

Each red light district (or zone) in Bangkok has hundreds of attractive females working in several go-go bars and Gentlemen clubs to keep you entertained for hours, so it doesn't matter where you start. All these districts are close together, so you could easily visit all of them in one night.

The bars in Bangkok’s Red Light districts do not have any dress code. And there’s normally no cover charge. So it’s relatively easy to enter, look around at the girls dancing on stage then just walk out if you don’t like the place, or the girls.

Once you’re seated and happy with the view, you need to order some drinks. The price for a cocktail or beer is 140 - 200 Baht. Lady drinks are anywhere from 150 to 200 Baht. And if you take a girl back to your hotel or apartment you will need to “bar fine” the girl. This will add 2000 - 3000 THB to your bill depending on the place.


Sukhumvit soi 4 is often referred to as soi Nana. Located a few minutes’ walk from the BTS station of the same name, you can spot the madness starting as you get closer to the entrance of the soi.

When you enter the street, all of the bars and even the sidewalk are packed with females and ladyboys waiting for customers, while a large number of street food booths obstruct foot traffic.

But the best place to visit is Nana Plaza. Nana Plaza has been an icon of Bangkok nightlife for decades and is probably unlike anything you have seen before. The mall turned adult entertainment complex now has the highest concentration of go-go bars in Thailand, with 3 floors of more than 30 bars and hundreds of Thai girls and ladyboys.

Claiming to be “The Worlds Largest Adult Playground”, this place has enough venues to keep you busy for days. Each venue has a different style of girls, music, and sexy shows. Some have no shows at all. But with the largest selection of lady bars and go-go bars in Bangkok, Nana Plaza truly has something for everyone. You can drink a beer outside and watch the night unfold. Or you can go to a go-go bar and have a drink inside with a girl on your lap while you watch erotic shows and dances on stage.

Soi Cowboy

Located just a 10-minute walk from Nana, between Sukhumvit soi 21 and 23, Soi Cowboy is a small street (about 150 meters) of pure craziness. Go-go bars after go-go bars, girls are waiting outside under the red neon lights, trying to attract people to their bar.

This iconic red-light district gained worldwide attention after being featured in the Hangover II movie in 2011. Nowadays, it’s arguably the most famous and busiest red-light district in Bangkok. It became so popular that it’s not unusual to see families walking down the street with their kids. Don’t ask us why anyone would think it’s a good idea.


Patpong is a 2 street red light district in the Silom area. Patpong’s red-light district and night market are located between Silom Road and Surawongse Road. It is also near the BTS station Sala Daeng and a few hundred meters from the MRT station Silom. Patpong has a night market every evening in the middle of the street from 6 pm to midnight, and on both sides of the road, you’ll find a few shops, bars, and a lot of go-go bars. Patpong was home to Thailand’s first go-go bar and was also Bangkok’s first official entertainment district..

Patpong is also known as the best place in Bangkok to see ping pong shows. It’s the best red light district to hang out if you’re staying in Silom/Sathorn area and if you want to do it the same night, a go-go bar, a ping pong show, and a BDSM/fetish club (Barbar fetish club). However, things are cooling down. From about 30 go-go bars during its prime, only a dozen are still open today. Same for the sex shows. It was once the main place to see the world famous ping pong shows. Now most of the go-go bars and adult entertainment have moved to places like Soi Cowboy and Nana Plaza.

That being said, there are still a few good bars in Patpong. And because there are less tourists than before, some will say it’s at least as good as before.

Gentlemen clubs

First, we all know that finding bar girls and go-go bars in Thailand isn’t too hard. We can also agree that Nana, Soi Cowboy, and Patpong, the 3 main red-light districts of Bangkok, have their fair share of great bars and gorgeous girls (at least when you know where to go). But there are times when you’re looking for a high-end venue to enjoy the finest things in life, with impeccable service, a ton of model tier girls, and complete privacy.

Gentlemen clubs are for these special nights when you want only the best and nothing but the best. It’s also for those who value privacy and want to party with hot Thai girls without anyone looking around.

So if you want to spend the night surrounded by Thailand hottest models, here are the best gentlemen clubs in Bangkok where you should go splash your money.

The PIMP Bangkok - More than two hundred of the hottest Thai models, premium brands, private rooms, themed nights, seductive performances, and shows. The Pimp Bangkok is without a doubt the most infamous gentlemen's club in Bangkok, and it lives up to its reputation.

The Play Exclusive Club - Bangkok is known for the quality of its gentlemen clubs, and The Play clearly shows how high the standard is in the city. The club has no less than 150 girls every night, all selected for their impressive physique, personality, and their ability to entertain the guests.

Booze Club - Booze claims to be for "Elite Customers" and seeks to provide the best Bangkok nightlife experience. It is without a doubt one of the top adult entertainment venues in Bangkok, with over 100 girls, stage shows with an excellent light and sound system, karaoke rooms, and upscale service.