Bangkok's nightclubs and bars for singles

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Greetings from Bangkok! Terrific food and people, it's a great culinary destination in every way, from convenience store meals to mall food courts to dining out, and there are a myriad of options for every budget wherever you go. However, this is a condensed rundown of the nightclubs and pubs in Bangkok that cater to single men, not a culinary guide.

Currently, these are the best clubs in Bangkok. Every club that hasn't been named is most likely a hooker club or a very local Thai club where not speaking the language will be an issue. You'll be alright if you stick to the clubs I advise below.

ONYX Night Club: As far as I know, this is the most popular local nightclub in Bangkok. Giant 2,500-capacity night spot with dance music, state-of-the-art sound & an underground club room. Onyx Bangkok Nightclub is the city's 1st club to offer the big-room style of partying that's popular in places like Ibiza, Berlin and Seoul.

There’s no dance floor at ONYX. Only standing tables and VIP tables. So if you're with a group of friends, order a bottle and ask for a table when you get there. The entry fee is higher than others, but this ensures that the quality of the crowd is also high. Girls in Bangkok typically arrive in groups with a bottle of whisky at their table; if she likes you, she will invite you for a shot with her and begin talking to you; this is Bangkok culture.

Location: Royal City Avenue – more commonly known as RCA – is the epicenter of Bangkok's clubbing scene. Located on in Huai Khwang district, RCA is a long street located between Rama IX Road and Phetchaburi Road. It contains a multitude of bars, nightclubs and live music venues. Notable clubs: Route 66 and Onyx. Everything other than Space Plus Bangkok, Route 66 and Onyx is not very good.

I have one favorite area in this club to hang-out: Cocktail area: It is close to the restroom and the entrance, so I can spot almost all of the women in the club simply by sitting in this area. If I lock eye contact with a girl, I will approach her, greet her, and extend my hand (for her to grab).

Quick summary:

Time: Friday & Saturday Night.
Good: Girls of the highest caliber and sexiest appearance can be observed here.
Bad: No dance floor.
Expensive entry fee: 500 THB, but you get 2 drinks for that fee and that’s mostly all you need to pay for the entire night. For VIP tables, they have VIP packages starting at 21,900 THB.

Please be aware that this club closes at 2 a.m. I prefer to come here about 11pm at night and find a girl who is truly into me (I will test her compliance by moving her to another area of the club. If she comes along, she's good; if not, I'll drop her and find someone else). In addition, it is crucial that you dress correctly, not like a messy backpacker, but with a well-fitting shirt and pants to stand out.

Route 66 - still good, but not so much if you roll solo. Mostly Thais (young Hi-So Thais), Asian tourists, and a few expats, like in the rest of RCA. Ask most expats for Bangkok’s top nightlife area and they’ll probably mention Thong Lor. Ask most locals and they’ll mention Ratchadaphisek — specifically Royal City Avenue (RCA), a stretch of huge nightclubs and bars in Ratchada that draws a sizable crowd every night of the week. In addition to its nightlife, Ratchadaphisek is home to several shopping malls, including one of Central Bangkok’s two dedicated technology malls, as well as a selection of fantastic Thai and Chinese seafood restaurants.

Wednesday and Thursday are the best days. It is filled with Asian white knights on weekends. When we arrived, all of the major tables were occupied, so the waiter attempted to seat us in the far back corner of the main dining area. I decided to tip him some baht after discussing the matter with him for approximately five minutes and ordering him to find us a different location near several girls. I must add that he really delivered for us. He positioned us just in front of the stage, where a group of girls could clearly see us, a large number of girls were walking past us because it was one of the only ways to reach other areas of the club, and there were also females who wanted to see the performance up close. I would recommend being seated just in front of the stage due to the overwhelming number of women you will encounter.

Space plus bangkok - RCA New Mega Club. The club, like many others in Bangkok, attracts a large number of trendy and cool young Thais. There will be a lot of really gorgeous Thai girls here, the most of them are prominent influencers or models. If you want to get noticed, dress good and bring your A-game. There are also a lot of high-spending Japanese and Korean expats looking for a good time, such as at Route 66 and Onyx, two more prominent RCA clubs.

From the door, it feels like you are entering a launch pad as you take the elevator or the escalators to the 3rd floor. From there, you proceed through a hallway that appears to link to a spaceship that will take you into space. The club itself is a big hall with spectacular lighting (spotlights and lasers), LED fixtures, and other spaceship-themed technology. VIP and standing tables form a U-shape in the hall, with the DJ platform in the front and a big dancefloor in the middle, allowing nearly 2,000 partygoers and ravers to experience an unforgettable night.

Candy Club x BOBO - This new Bangkok nightclub is unquestionably one of the best in town. This venue exemplifies everything Bangkok's nightlife has to offer. Friendly service, wonderful music, and a fantastic environment. Located in the Watthana district, I got zero bad vibes from the bouncers or from the people working there; they all seemed very friendly and we’re just doing their jobs trying to manage really drunk people.

This brand new nightclub is provided to you by the same team and owners that gave you Bobo Club on Sukhumvit. Candy x Bobo, which resembles a large red box, is difficult to miss as you stroll along Sukhumvit soi 11. They are open seven days a week and deliver a new level of partying that mixes the moods of Bobo, Levels, and Sugar all in one.

Walking up a brightly illuminated red staircase transports you to a parallel universe packed with pulsating entertainment, performances, and an amazing light and music spectacle. In many aspects, it is comparable to Bobo, but with its own distinct twist. The place is larger, with a little second level, and packed with energy and a bizarre mood. Candy x Bobo plays a mix of hip-hop and electronic dance music. I recommend Tuesdays for ladies and models night, where a group of 4 can get a free bottle.

Levels - Only Sundays and Tuesdays for ladies night. On Tuesdays, they have an unique promotion where you may get a free bottle of Vodka if you come in groups of five before 11 p.m. Normally, this means a large number of international students, but I assume not in July. Levels irritate me in general. Located in the Watthana district, drinks are costly, there is a lot of male competition (every tourist goes to Levels), and many of the girls are semi-professionals.

Sugar - located in the Watthana district, best afterhours club in Bangkok. Has some hookers but they just stand around the bar. Go there around 12am. It's one of the best hip hop clubs in Bangkok. Went here twice but after 1am. The first time a girl invited me out with her friends. We split some bottles for the rest of the night and had fun. Second time I went late after getting laid around 1am as well. Stood at the bar for 5 minutes and a girl invited me to her table. Both times I ended up getting laid. Club plays hip hop but very top 40 type stuff. Seems like a good last minute hail Mary type of club.

Demo - this local nightclub features beverages and DJs playing techno, R&B, and hip hop music. There are numerous great sports vehicles parked outside, creating a pleasant ambiance. Weekends are crowded, and admittance costs 500baht (with 2 drinks). You can also stroll over to the club (Goldy) next door, where there is a Thai live band and a large number of locals. In addition, there is BarBarBar, which features the largest EDM room I've seen in Bangkok so far, and a bar called Yello (both BarBarBar and Yello are where Funky Villa used to be).

I prefer the new arrangement significantly more. It provides access to three separate clubs/bars and a larger outside space. You may also visit Sway, which is located just across from Demo, giving you a total of four locations to explore.

Reasonable price with a lot of people on weekends. Foreigners need to pay on weekends for cover charge. However, there is no place to dance at all and everyone standing around their little tables, I guess Bangkok or Thai style.

Located in the Thong lor area and I can imagine it attracts the more upper class type of Thais (the typical Thong lor crowd). Thong Lor (Thai ทองหล่อ) is a section of Bangkok in the northern Watthana district. Sometimes English-speakers also refer to this area as Thong Lo or Thonglor. More and more tourists are flocking to this region to take advantage of its high-quality cuisine and its hot nightlife.

Regarding bottle prices: it obviously depends on what kind of bottles you get and also the club. But there are definitely cheaper options too. In Route66 the cheapest bottle is less than 2k. Sway always has promos too, with a 1L bottle of Absolut Vodka + 5 mixers for 1,900 THB. Demo has bottles for less than 2k as well. Sugar is much more expensive (they do have a promo on Thursday's though with bottle + 4 mixers for 2k I think, but you'll need to arrive before midnight and the club gets packed only after 1am), Club at Koi is more expensive too I think (never got a table there). If you go to the right clubs with a group of people, it is actually cheaper to get a table and buy bottles, especially if you can use the cover charge to pay for the bottles.

Havana Social - Went here with my main girl and had fun. Very popular with groups of thai girls and farang located in the Watthana district. The one time I went on a Friday it was packed with a good ratio of women to men.

MIXX Discotheque - don't go unless you want to shore hookers

The Club - Large 3-level nightclub in Khaosan with a 1,500-person capacity staging international DJ acts & party nights. Tons of backpackers, only very few good looking Thai girls. I would rather approach Thai girls outdoors at Bars such as Golf Bar or Khaosan Center and then bounce them to The Club to escalate.

Swing - do not go unless you are already with a girl and you need another place to bounce to after Sugar. Swing is a shitshow of drunk foreigners, prostitutes and Ladyboys. Worst club in Bangkok. It opens when every other clubs has closed and supposedly stays open until 8 or 9 in the morning.

Shock 39 - never been but I think it has some black girls and also quite some hookers with taxi drivers paid ae commission to bring expats and tourist to its doors.

Babyface Superclub - never been but seen huge crowds outside and a lot of girls I look up on Instagram go there nowadays.

Maggie Choos - cool bar but not good for picking up girls. And for having dates, there are better bars

Oskar Bistro - Mostly Farang and hookers. Oskar is a chic and cozy bistro-style bar that has been a pillar of Sukhumvit soi 11 nightlife scene for quite some time. Located in the Watthana district, what makes Oskar so great is that you can go there to eat, drink, party, or the three at the same time. Oskar has a full menu featuring French and Italian cuisine. As people finish their dinner, the lights are dimmed and the music turns up. They have a rotating lineup of Bangkok’s top DJs playing mostly house and techno there. And they also often organize exclusive themed events. Even though Oskar has 2 floors, and space indoor and outdoor, believe it or not, it gets pretty crowded almost every night.

Sing Sing Theater - not a bar but a club and one of the hottest new clubs in Bangkok. Quite expensive though and plenty of sharp competition. Very international crowd, mostly foreigners. Top 50 music. Pretty small venue and dance area. Free 3 drinks for ladies on Thursdays.

The after hour club in Nana is called G-Terminal 2 (apparently there is also another club in the same building but on a different floor). I wouldn't recommend it though. It's 80% hookers and nothing good ever happens in there.

Lucky Club, which is open until 6 a.m., is another late-night option. However, be cautious when you arrive. If you arrive in a taxi, they may transport you to a room with girls across the parking lot. It could be perplexing if someone comes in inebriated... which happens frequently "after hours."

I recommend you check out these places:

Candy Club x BOBO- Tuesdays for ladies night. They are known to always take the party to the next level.

Levels - on Sundays and Tuesdays for ladies night. Worth a try, especially on Sunday and Tuesday. Personally, I don't like it because it is too western and touristy, but there are some very dtf girls there (just be careful that she is not a hooker). Drinks are expensive, so predrink at home if you're poor.

Khaosan - on Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays. Basically every time the other clubs are not happening. Go to a club called "Bar next door" they play Hip Hop and RnB. Tons of young Thais and no foreigners (on the weekend). It is also not very expensive and there aren't many tables.

Ce La Vi - on Wednesdays for Ladies night

Sing Sing - on Thursdays for Ladies night

Route 66 - on Wednesdays and Thursdays, if you want a table. On the weekends, if you don't want one. If you don't have a table, try to get invited to one by a group of Thais. There is also a large outdoor area with tables and sofas to sit down where you don't need to order a bottle. Anyone can just sit down there. Very easy to strike up a conversation with other people who are just chilling there and taking a break from the music inside. Route 66 is still considered one of the easiest venues to get laid outside of Khaosan Road and there are zero hookers there.

Demo - on Fridays and Saturdays. Will be hard to get one night stands from there but the quality is good

Sugar - seems pretty good. Ratio little better there for non pros. That place is kind of small though. Although I would still wager 40% are hookers or freelance from time to time.


Currently the best clubs for Hip Hop (in no particular order): Sugar Club (only gets full at 2am and closes around 4am, lots of black dudes inside), Route66 (the main room) and Sway. As a black dude you will stand out more in Sway and Route66. Those are also the two hip-hop clubs with the highest density of light-skinned girls (Route66 has lots of Korean and Chinese tourists, Sway mostly has local Thais). The Club at Koi and Sing Sing also play hip-hop but not everyday. Demo (right next to Sway) has a hip-hop area called Dirty Bar, but it's extremely crowded on weekends. Best to check the Instagram of all the clubs I mentioned to find out more. There's also a lounge called Bafros that caters to Soca, dancehall and reggae vibes in Bangkok... a taste of the Caribbean in Thailand. Never been but might be worth checking out. It's very close to Sugar Club.

On Khaosan Road, the two most popular bars that play Hip Hop are Golf Bar (yellow sign, opposite of D&D Inn Hotel) and Rocco's Bar (near Buddy Lodge Hotel, almost at the end of the road). Both bars have easy girls but hard to find really good looking girls.

Additional information

A lot of people see Bangkok as the world’s best destination for adult entertainment. And that’s clearly thanks to its amazing red-light districts that it gained this reputation. Quick note, Nana Plaza, located in Soi Nana Tai (Chinatown) district has much better looking girls than Soi Cowboy. Soi Cowboy is one of the red light streets of Bangkok. Soi Cowboy contains one of the three largest groups of foreign-oriented bars in Bangkok, the other two being Patpong and Soi Nana Tai.

For more information see: Bangkok's Adult entertainment zones and gentleman clubs