Dominican Republic is kind of played out

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I went to the Dominican Republic early this year (May 2021) for the beaches, all-inclusive resorts, sexy women and famously warm people. Sure, there are nicer places for chicas but Dominican Republic is a decent place to date and get intimacy. Furthermore, beaches on the south coast are reputed to be world-class. I spent the majority of my time in Santo Domingo, Punta Cana with one afternoon in Boca Chica, and wanted to share my observations:

1. English is non-existent; don't bother if you don't speak Spanish.

Most girls between the ages of 18 and 25 (and even older) cannot speak a word of English, and unlike in other countries, they don't give a hoot about learning or trying to understand it. This is fine for texting and Tindering, but it causes severe issues for meeting in person and going on dates. My one takeaway was that I will not return unless I am at least conversant in Dominican Republic Spanish, although I may visit other Latin American nations for the reasons you will see.

Although Spanish is the language, the manner they speak is difficult for me to comprehend because it is so different from Castillian Spanish in most, if not all, locations. It almost sounds like a dialect. They speak rapidly, drop certain consent ends, use a lot of slang, and have adopted terms from African languages. If you meet highly educated or independently intellectual people, you will most likely find them much simpler to understand if you learnt your Spanish in a classroom, Colombia, or Spain. However, because to television, school, and other more formal settings where it is frequently spoken, most people understand the more standard variants of Spanish. It's simply that most people don't appear to talk like that amongst themselves.

In respect to the Spanish problem, I must say that the flip side of that argument is that it forces you to get out of your comfort zone and study the language as soon as possible. Around Piantini in Santo Domingo, you'll come across the rare woman who speaks decent English. However, as with other Spanish-speaking countries, they don't give a hoot about speaking English because Spanish is a strong and widely spoken language in its own right.

2. Paying for girls is embedded in the culture, and you will be asked for money.

What people get muddled up about is that the Dominican culture is unique in that women have traditionally not worked much. That is, if they start dating a Dominican guy, if he is interested, he will give her some money to go to the salon, eat, etc. Most Dominican woman will not have sex with you for money, but once they start having sex, it's customary for the guy to pitch in a little. Similarly to how things used to be in the west, if you slept with a female, you were expected to marry her (give her everything basically). A prostitute is not a female who wants to be taken care of by the guy she's sleeping with because she doesn't have a job (very seldom will Dominican girls demand money, they just ask because so many local males give it), a prostitute is a girl who is sleeping with you solely for financial gain. Alternatively, for the exchange of money.

However, many of them do not even disclose that they are a prostitute until they are about to see you and suddenly recall that they need to tell you something... From photos and everything, some of them even look like regular girls. I also met a new type of pro: girls that will come out and spend time with you, have coffee with you, and basically go on a normal date, but if you want to bang them, you literally have to pay them cash. While messaging, one of them flatly stated, "I don't offer my ass for free." I also found classic scammers such as "my brother was just in an accident and I need money for the procedure in the hospital" and other such claims. Is it possible to find regular girls in the Dominican Republic? Of course, but you only need to filter thoroughly. It's a different story if you live there. Majority of girls seem quite open physically and even sexually. If she wants to go with you, she will likely ask about where you are staying more than once. Take the hint, lol. Now there's a certain number of serious Christian/Catholic girls too. I highly recommend them for serious relationships.

The following are the types of girls found in the Dominican Republic:

We live in the countryside, says the Campo girl. Between the ages of 18 and 23, Usually has one or two children. There is no schooling and no money. You'll most likely have to visit her because she lives in the middle of nowhere. After a few hours of sitting in a plastic chair with your feet in the mud and drinking cool beer, you can drive her to a cabana and bang it out.

Barrio girl: She is a ghetto dweller. Between the ages of 18 and 23, Usually has one or two children. There is no schooling and no money. If she has a job, it is a bad one at a banca (lottery place), a hairdresser, a clothing store, and so on. You'll most likely meet her in a comado (corner store), where you'll sit in a plastic chair and sip cool beer while listening to loud music. After a few hours, you can take her to the cabana and have a good time.

You only want girls between the ages of 18 and 23, because after that, things go south quickly. Dominican diet is absolutely high in fat because almost EVERYTHING IS FRIED. Add that to the fact that everyone eats in big portions in a culture that eats an abundance of food.

The average college girl is between the ages of 18 and 25. No children, lives a middle-class existence. They want to be in a relationship. It's possible to have a good time on the first night, but it's not guaranteed.

Rich gorgeous babes. Off the table. No children, and when I say money, I mean genuine money. In the Dominican Republic, there is no actual financing. Everything is paid for in cash. These ladies like to dine at the most opulent establishments. They're looking for a man with a great automobile and a nice residence.

After the age of 25, many of the girls, although not all of them, just let themselves go. Because they still have the same high-fat diet, they don't work out because there is absolutely no exercise-culture in DR whatsover, they get very big. Girls that do go to the gym are in the minority like spoiled-rich girls, gold-diggers, attention-seekers, etc

You have a wide spectrum of looks, from short to very tall, thin to exaggerated curvaceous, the result of mulato white black combining with a dash of Indian. A rough estimate would be 85% mixed, 10% black (Haitian/African), and 5% white or quasi-white. In general, Santiago appears to be significantly lighter skinned than Santo Domingo, and you notice more lighter skinned people in Santo Domingo's wealthier neighborhoods.

In DR, there are quite a few genuine knockouts. Girls frequently dress in a way that emphasizes their sensuality, making it a fun spot to people watch. When you go in public transportation, you may find yourself with a hottie almost on your lap. It's not a big deal because they don't seem to have the same issues with physical touch and personal space that we do in the United States. When a new person enters the car, they will often greet others next to them with "Buenas," and sometimes individuals may just start conversing. However, avoid taking public transportation at night. Locals will warn you that it is dangerous if you are an outsider who is unfamiliar with the streets. In fact, certain bus lines are hazardous even during the day. For example, I was cautioned by several people not to take No. 35 out of Independence Park to get to Mega Centro; instead, take No. 99.

3. It is Pricey

When I say expensive, I'm referring to the expense of lodging, which is usually the most expensive aspect of traveling. I had to spend roughly 120 CAD each night for a flat in Santo Domingo, which is far too expensive given the city's offerings (which is not much really). I've never gone to other Latin nations, so I don't have a frame of reference, but it was nearly double the price of flats in EE and Russia, where I've been extensively. When shopping at places like Nacional, grocery prices were also not cheap. Restaurant prices were marginally reduced, but not significantly so.

Where should I live?

If I were to visit the Dominican Republic, I would avoid the tourist spots. Plan on staying for at least a month to fully appreciate the nation. Puerto Plata is lovely, but San Juan Dolió is where the wealthy inhabitants congregate. Punta Cana and Boca Chica are simply huge tourist destinations. Boca Chica is a drug infested shithole full of hos and scumbag hustlers so of course, the quality of girls there is going to tend towards the bad side. Sousa is kinda similar to Angeles City/Pattaya. Santo Domingo and Santiago have lots of classy looking, some quite pretty or hot, regular girls, students, etc. As in every other capital city, girls are frequently obsessed with "nothing" and have no time for you. Beautiful girls in the capital are well aware of their worth. Besides, anything is preferable to Sosua and Puerto Plata, the country's two whorehouses. Because the Dominican Republic is such a small country, getting from one minor city to the next is really simple. It makes sense to visit a number of places and spend a few days in each to soak in the atmosphere; if you like it, just stay in that location.

1) Piantini and Naco...if you can afford it, here is where you want to live. Around 2015, Blue Mall was completed, and Acropolis Mall is only 2 blocks down the street on Churchill. Across the street is the Sirena grocery store (the largest in the area); this is also the most central place in the city because the major university and three smaller universities are only a few miles away. Blue Mall has a Chilis, a Golds gym, a Hard Rock Cafe, a movie theater, and various high-end goods on floor 1, Acropolis has Hooters, Fridays, and Outback (remodeled), and it used to have a Tony Romas (changed for something else). It also has a movie theater, a barbershop, and salons.

The big advantage of living nearby (you don't have to live right there, but at least within a 5-block radius) is that girls will feel comfortable visiting you; you can meet them at the mall and walk back to your place, and if something goes wrong, it's the city center, they know all the bus routes and can easily get home; in fact, they may have other errands to run that day and can just get them done.

Apartments in Piantini around Blue Mall and Acropolis (or the neighboring villages of Naco or Evaristo Morales) are not inexpensive.

They presently cost between $1200 and $1500 per month for a 1-bedroom apartment in a high rise around 5 blocks from the malls, thus not particularly walking in the sun. These apartments used to cost approximately $1,000 per month in 2017, but the Dominican landlord mentality is at best moronic. A landlord/AirbnB host would rather keep the apt unrented for 6 months than discount the apartment for $100 for you; in fact, I've attempted to negotiate and had them flatly refuse to rent to me. They are also curiously racist and classist. They don't want to rent to anyone who is brown or black, which is absurd given that they are brown and black!

2) Bella Vista: In 2016, they built a new mall called Downtown Center, which has a VIP-style movie theater, SmartFit, and a Starbucks, among other things, and is close to Bella Vista Mall, which has a Chili's and the huge Body Shop gym, which is similar to an Equinox multi-story $80/month high class gym with trainers and spinning. I now reside here, and it's a nice spot for the money, but it's not as walkable as Piantini. They hyped it up as the new high-end neighborhood in the city because of the new mall and proximity to the high-end I bought into it after living in Piantini and with traffic in Piantini getting outrageous these days...

Better to go interior and avoid the two major cities of Santo Domingo and Santiago, though Santiago isn't all that bad. True beauty can be found in the countryside as well as in smaller towns. Apart from that, the black girls, not the Haitian black girls, but the Dominican black girls, are quite tasty.

The following are the types of visitors to the Dominican Republic:

Everything is included. Nice spot to unwind and enjoy the beach/pools while eating and drinking all day. There are no gorgeous single Dominican girls there. They will either be with their family or with their partner at the resort.

Sosua and Boca Chica are beach towns with hookers. There are a lot of inexpensive flights from the United States, therefore there are a lot of guys going down to knock out the gals. These ladies are P4P and are well-versed in the game. In these towns, you won't find any decent, regular girls.

Then there are the guys who read pickup forums and want to play games with Dominican girls, so they travel to Santo Domingo and stay in the colonial zone. They log onto a few dating apps and begin looking for some chicas. Of course, the ghetto girls with a few kids are the easiest to line up. The girl will play two tricks on the guy. They want to bang for money in the short term, or they want to hook the guy in a phony relationship where the gringo sends her money all the time and supports her in the long run.

A typical educated woman will know almost no English. A college-educated woman may or may not be able to communicate in English. Depending on your preferences, I would suggest one of two options:

1) The UASD campus. It is the largest university in the Dominican Republic and has an open campus. I simply sat on a park bench and gathered phone numbers. Most of the girls will openly notice you if you're foreign-looking, especially if you're white with blue or green eyes, that is a bit exotic since it's relatively rare outside of the rich classes. When they look over, simply say "hello" and proceed from there. The women are frequently found in groups or in couples. Collect all of their phone numbers. They are unconcerned. Don't drag out conversations. You're good to go after you've obtained the digits. I stayed near this university several times and would frequently progress from there, with some quick success but more delayed gratification. If you do decide to stay nearby, don't work after dark. It's a little shady.

2) Enriquillo Park. It is a short stroll to the colonial zone. It's where all the buses from the countryside arrive. Every day, hundreds, if not thousands, of migrant-type women arrive with no idea where they are heading. This is more of a vulnerability game, so if you have a strong conscience, you might not enjoy it. These ladies seem a little desperate, but they are also quite pleasant and open. Simply approach a woman who appears befuddled and proceed from there. Many, if not most, will take a meal or a place to stay if you give them a meal or a place to stay.

Disclaimer I'm not going to pretend to be any kind of expert on this country. Consider everything I write as the opinions and impressions of a tourist who has spent some weeks in each place and made significant efforts to break a bit into the local scene (not just hanging in tourist areas associating with tourist interface locals).


If you're serious about establishing a long-term relationship in the Dominican Republic, you have possibilities, but you must travel to the nation and learn some Spanish. The Dominican Republic is a lot of fun, and you may pretty much bang whomever you want, albeit they will all request "taxi fare" after you bang them. If the shallowness of these "transactions" and the understanding that she isn't "your" lady and that it's just your turn don't bother you, it's fantastic with beautiful beaches and a carefree lifestyle. But I thought the most of the ladies were really unattractive and it's quite disheartening if you want to stop paying tourist rates and live in cheaper locations. Overall, it's simply not somewhere I'd want to stay for an extended period of time.