Beaches in Kyiv Ukraine

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Kiev is a perfect hub of recreational facilities in Ukraine. In the summer, there are beaches on rivers and lakes that are ideal for individuals who want to spend a day at the beach without leaving the city. Kiev has a number of beaches and beach clubs located within Hydropark and towards the south Maj4ok region. To meet the budgetary needs of guests, the beaches in this region have been separated into two categories. The following are the two primary types of beaches in Kiev:

1.) Beaches that are free

These are public beaches that are free and open to the public. Everyone has the right to relax on any of these free beaches. You only need to bring your own swimming gear, such as towels and life jackets, as well as snacks and drinks, to enjoy some quality time at the beach. However, you should be aware that these free beaches are rough and lack sanitary facilities. As a result, you can't expect to have any privacy. Furthermore, if you intend to visit any of Kiev's free beaches, keep in mind that there are both regular and nudist beaches. You can choose one of the nude beaches to connect with nature and your fellow nudists while enjoying the breeze and all the excitement that it brings.

2.) Pay-to-use beaches
Unlike free beaches, visitors to this type of beaches will have to pay to use the facilities. But wait a minute! Don't be put off by the prospect of spending money. You should be aware that there are a number of paid beaches available, and you can always choose one that suits your financial circumstances. Let's take a look at some of Kiev's paid beaches.

a) Maja4ok Beach Resort

This beach is roughly 20 kilometers south of the Kiev Yacht Club. It has both ordinary and VIP packages available. The regular package costs 100 Grivna per day and includes plastic sun beds and limited space. The VIP area, on the other hand, costs 200 Grivna per day and has much more room, wooden sun beds, a shower, and other amenities.

The Maja4ok beach club offers delicious cuisine and drinks. It should be noted that there is no swimming pool.

b) The OLMECA Beach Club

The OLMECA Beach Club, located within Hydropark, is a popular summer destination in Kiev. It has breathtaking views of Dnipro, Lavra, and Rodina. The beach club provides its customers with access to a swimming pool, a sun bed, a towel, and free Wi-Fi internet services. This beach costs 300 or 800 Grivna per day, depending on the amenities included in the package. This beach also provides its customers with food, shisha, and all-day music. This is also a place where you may meet and engage with the majority of Kiev's wealthy residents. This beach club's parking lot is always full of stunning exotic cars. Keep in mind that expenditures can quickly add up here, especially if you buy decent food and drinks. You are not permitted to bring your own refreshments to this beach club, and your baggage will be searched upon arrival.

c) Bora Bora Beach Club

This club can also be found in Hydropark. The beach club provides its customers with a small pool, a DJ, and large sun beds that can be shared. This beach costs 400 Grivna for a limit of four people each bed.

d) UBK Club

The UBK club, located on Kiev's southern coast, first opened its doors in 2015. It is currently one of Kiev's premier venues for events and nightlife. It is, in fact, a recently organized beach with a comfortable recreational zone equipped with seats and a sports area. This beach also features a bar that transforms into an open-air nightlife starting at 6 p.m. The very romantic beach, with its intimate ambience and stunning views of the Dnipro River and Kiev's hills, is an ideal location for weekend parties. This beach club's bar also provides food, most notably hamburgers. UBK is an excellent location for beach volleyball, water wars, listening to nice music, and making new friends. Although the prices of the facilities can be negotiated, this beach is not free.

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