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Canada is a country with huge distances and abundant natural wonders. Economically, technologically, and in many other respects, she is similar to her southern neighbor, the United States, though there are major variations between the two nations. Although both nations have a long and ongoing legacy of colonization toward their indigenous peoples, Canada is perfectly content with its British past, and many Canadians are proud of it. Immigrants from two European countries, Britain and France, have contributed significantly to Canada's new built climate and impact. This dual existence differs greatly from that of the United States, and in certain parts of Canada, especially Quebec and parts of New Brunswick, Canadians speak predominantly French. By an act of the British parliament in 1867, Canada became a self-governing dominion, and it is now a proud member of the Commonwealth of Nations. It was more or less entirely independent of the United Kingdom by 1931, though real independence did not come until 1982. Indigenous peoples, Canadians, and the Canadian government continue to disagree over Canada's history and current colonization. Despite being a medium-sized country in terms of population (35 million), Canada has gained international recognition for its good leadership skills, peacekeeping activities, and respect for human rights. Canadians have a very high standard of life in general; Canada regularly ranks very high on indexes of economic equality, inequality, human rights respect, among other factors. Domestically, the nation has seen some success in achieving agreements among its culturally and linguistically diverse communities, a challenging challenge given that language, culture, and even history can differ greatly across the country. Similarly to the stereotypical depiction of the United States as a melting pot, many different minorities from all over the world live in Canada, especially in urban areas. Canadians are, for the most part, used to living and dealing with people of various ethnic backgrounds on a regular basis, and they are generally very polite and understanding if met in public. The nation is predominantly urban, with people from all walks of life living alongside one another.

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