Restaurant Bonimi

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Restaurant Bonimi offers you impeccable service, in a pleasant ambience where you can enjoy your family, friends or business partners. The Bonimi Restaurant Team aims to improve your appetite and mood with its quality. With a large selection of specialties, Restaurant Bonimi will be your favorite place for a daily meal.
Restaurant Bonimi is located in Karpos 2 in Skopje, in the premises of the Hyperium Business Center, directly behind the Mi-Grand Motor Motors. With its capacity of 220 guests, it enables the organization of smaller festivities such as birthdays, narrow family celebrations, business meetings, and more recently smaller weddings.
The ambient is adapted for a relaxed conversation throughout the day, while in the evening we offer great entertainment with live music by the proven and proven musicians. Let us make the effort to cheer you up and at least for a moment to distance you from everyday commitments and anxieties.