Inside the Mind of Russian and Ukrainian People

Submitted 1 year 4 months ago by Aleksey.

Ukrainians and Slavs in general are decent people, but they are very docile, selfish and indifferent. This probably has a lot to do with communism. Under communism, life assumed a monotonous, regulated character, and although no one was poor, no one was rich, so no one wanted to work harder, because that makes no sense. A person simply does what the state requires, and nothing more.

Communism does not provide an opportunity or incentive for common people to satisfy their own desires. All communism does is satisfy the basic needs of a simple person, and nothing more. Communism, therefore, removes the incentive for all who try their best and become more successful, satisfying their greater penchant for life compared to their peers. Maybe they want to determine what ingredients are in their daily meals; maybe they want to work towards a higher position with a better salary, benefits, and greater authority and respect; maybe they don't want to work 12 hours a day to stay in a little cramped apartment and get 2 meals a day, maybe they want a beach house and 3 meals a day... a car, a horse, a white-picket fence... OPTIONS, essentially.

You can not rise up in a communist system; you can not break out of routine and you can never pay off the debt that you owe to the state for so tenderly providing for your needs, so soon people begin to die softly inside or revolt against the regime, and it is the way they do it that is most likely to do it.

You can now see the core problem with Communism and why Slavic people are so indifferent and selfish. They don't care if you are a lawyer, if you have a company, if you travel all over the world, if you learn their complicated language, if you dress elegant. You will find most of them kind of inspiring but at the same time very boring. There is not much going on in their lives except some walks with their friends on weekends or having tea with their grandmothers.

It's terrifying how much Russians don't give a shit about the people around them. A few years ago the Russian media covered a story about a teacher at a university who had a heart attack and collapsed on a St. Petersburg street. He lived for two hours covered in snow, and eventually died. Nobody came up to him. "Hmm, for today probably another alcoholic had too much to drink, that's not my problem". This specific case took place several years ago, but such tragic events happen every week.

In Russia, the “government” is considered a separate, almost miraculous entity, something completely different from people. The "People" and "authorities" (any authorities, not just the government) can do whatever they want - to steal from you, send you to die for Assad in Syria, put a broom into your ass or break your spine with a chair in a police station ... Or mock your worst tragedy. Keep this in mind when reading the rest of the article, this magic formula can solve many of your puzzles.

You have dozens of people beaten with police batons, hundreds arrested. The next day, the country lives its usual life because nothing happened (probably because nothing really happened). People go to their jobs and talk to each other during the lunch break. Very few raise yesterday's protests, and even when they do, everyone smiles. Everyone knows this is useless. If you are one of the "people", you accept your poor status.

A careful reader has already smelled that scent of fatalism in the text above. The final piece of puzzle that can explain why any law is neglected and any crime is not big enough to inflame mass protests. The fate. There is no light in a tunnel, no faith that anything at all can change. Our fates are sealed and there’s no way we can do anything about that .

Weak people

If I had to choose one feature of the Russian and Ukrainian people that separates them from the "Western people", I would choose obedience. Submission. And no, I'm not talking about BDSM practice here. Throughout history, Russians and Ukrainians have had special relationships with people who own power. The royal and emperors were called the “Anointed of the Lord,” those who rule by divine right, and their authority was considered sacred. Just like in ancient Egypt, except that it happened 4,500 years later. When the Soviets were formed, this sacred monarchy was replaced by a religious communist cult - instead of the Anointed ones of the Lord, we received the Bearers of the Great Ideology of Lenin and Marx - a change in decorations, but not the idea behind it.

After 1991, Russia was granted about 10 years of relatively free existence before Putin threw the country back into the abyss. As a result of this unhealthy relationship with the government, an ordinary Russian person is born with a rare cultural condition: the innate submission of any power - to the president, senator, mayor, police officer, boss, homeowner, you name it.

“You are under arrest”

No one asks what exactly they were accused of. No one is trying to fight back. People silently go into black cars, not knowing if they will ever see their families again. Thankfully, the idiocy of Russian laws is offset by their poor enforcement.

The backbone of capitalism is competition and strength

American society recognizes and rewards those who inspire and lead, wherever that is in a field or a scientific sense. Human beings are ranked primarily for their ability to contribute to society. This means that the true alphas in American society are Nobel Prize winners, successful entertainers, professional athletes, artists, wealthy businessmen and politicians whom are elect based on their ability to contribute meaningfully and lead others.

In their contests of beauty, in their examination rooms and in sports, in their art and literature, and in their race to win, to be recognized and valued by others, what is being competed for here is positive attention, admiration, and prestige. That is, there is a desire to express themselves with the aim of gaining recognition of having made a positive contribution and/or of having talents/attributes; that is, they are valued. They have institutionalized this by setting up various arenas that allow people to show what they can do. Creating unique products requires a motivational environment as every instance of taking a thing profoundly and fundamentally, is a violation, an intentional injuring of the fundamental will of the spirit, which instinctively aims at appearance and superficiality as Nietzsche says. This is why the USA is pretty good at creating stuff. Competition allows people to satisfy the need to win and competition provides the opportunity or reason for improving their performance, and competition motivates them to put forth greater effort that can result in high output.


In these Slavic slave countries, everything is mostly already determined. You have a few oligarchs at the top and then everyone else. If you are born middle class or poor you die middle class and poor. Achievements don’t matter. Ideas don’t matter. Everything is just stagnant and dead. To get anything done you have to pay. This is why a lot of Ukrainian women find it easy to turn to prostitution. A gift to a doctor is not just a gratitude, it’s the assurance that (s)he will pay enough attention to your health issues. Same with nurses, if you want them to change bed and clean urinals after your severely ill relative — you need to be extra “grateful” to them. The fact that all these people must do that for free because that is their direct job and they are getting paid for it is totally ignored. Same applies to universities and colleges — you can buy your spot there and\or keep paying teachers to pass exams.