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Kiev is a perfect hub of recreational facilities in Ukraine. In summer there are beaches on rivers and lakes which are the best options for those who want to have a beach day without leaving the city. Located inside the city of Hydropark and towards the south Maj4ok area, Kiev boasts of a selection of beaches and beach clubs. The beaches in this region have been divided into two categories to suit the financial needs of visitors. The two main classes of beaches in Kiev include the following:

1.) Free beaches
These are beaches that are free and open to everyone. Everybody has the rights to visit any of these free beaches for relaxation. You just need to bring your own swimming tools like towels and life jackets, snacks, drinks etc and enjoy some quality time at the beach. However, you need to beware that these free beaches are wild with no sanitary rooms. Thus, you can’t expect to have some privacy. More so, if you plan on visiting any of the free beaches in Kiev, bear in mind that there are both regular and nudist beaches. You can opt for one of the nudist beaches to connect with nature and your fellow nudists while enjoying the breeze and all the fun that comes with it.

2.) Paid beaches
Unlike the free beaches, guests visiting this category of beaches will have to pay money to enjoy the facilities. But hey! Don’t get discouraged at the thought of spending money. You need to know that there is a variety of paid beaches and you can always select one that suits your financial situation. Now, let’s look at some of the paid beaches in Kiev;

a.) Maja4ok Beach Club
This beach is located approximately 20 km towards the South of Kiev Yacht Club. It offers both standard and VIP packages. The standard package is 100 Grivna per day and comes with plastic sun beds and not so much space. The VIP area, on the other hand, is 200 Grivna per day with much more space, wooden sun beds, shower, etc.
The Maja4ok beach club serves lovely food and drinks. Take note that it doesn’t have a swimming pool.

b.) The OLMECA Beach Club
The OLMECA Beach Club which is located inside the city of Hydropark is one of the hot spots of Kiev during summer. It offers very stunning views towards Dnipro, Lavra, and Rodina. The beach club gives its clients access to a swimming pool with a sun bed, towel as well as free Wi-Fi internet services. The cost of this beach is 300 or 800 Grivna per day depending on the facilities in the package. This beach also offers food, shisha and all-day music to its clients. This is a spot where you can also meet and interact with most of the rich people in Kiev. The car park at this beach club is always typically filled with beautiful exotic cars. Remember that bills can quickly escalate here especially when you order for good food and drinks. You can’t visit this beach club with your own snacks, and your bags will be checked before your entry.

c.) Bora Bora Beach Club
This club is also located in the city of Hydropark. The beach club offers its clients a small pool, a DJ, as well as huge sun beds which can be shared. The price for this beach is 400 Grivna for a maximum of 4 persons per bed.

d) UBK Club
The UBK club located on the Southern Coast of Kiev was opened in 2015. It is currently one of the best places for events and clubbing in Kiev. It is indeed a newly organized beach with a comfortable recreational zone that has seats and a sports area. This beach equally has a bar that is transformed into an open-air nightclub from 6 pm. The very romantic beach with the cozy atmosphere and great views of Dnipro River and Kiev’s hills is a perfect venue for weekend parties. The bar of this beach club also serves food notably hamburgers. UBK is an ideal destination to play beach volleyball, water battles as well as listen to good music and make new acquaintances. This beach isn’t free although prices of facilities can be negotiated.

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