What is the Manosphere?

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What is the Manosphere?

The manosphere is an informal network of US based blogs, forums and websites where commentators focus on issues relating to women, white supremacy, conspiracy theories and sex. It is characterized by angry rants and men pointing the finger at others, and away from themselves.

The manosphere can be effectively divided into two rivaling fractions: Right-wing male supremacist vs. left-wing male feminist. The thing that ties these groups together is their collective idiocy, obsession with females and mental illness. Most men, and most women, do not listen to such gibberish. The ones who promote it and follow it are a lunatic fringe going to such lengths because they command no respect in the real world and the opposite gender wants nothing to do with them. In this post, we'll take a closer look at this black hole of idiocy.

Who are these people?

While most are heterosexual white males on the autism spectrum. You also have a small number of subservient orientals, off-putting east Indians and self-hating blacks. Manosphere people are the lowest of the low in the sexual market. Unattractive, uneducated, mentally ill and basic. In their high school days they weren't getting the girl on the cheerleading squad or invited to socials by hot girls and they're pissed about it. Discussions are often characterized by resentment, misanthropy, self-pity, self-loathing, misogyny, racism and a sense of entitlement to sex.

Manosphere Right

Although the right-wing originated with goofy pick-up artists, the manosphere right now includes fascists, Nazis, racial supremacists and other wackos who obsess over IQ scores and female nature. Right-wing male supremacist hold that women as morally, intellectually, and physically inferior to men and see women as the property of men - with sex being something that they owe men and that can or even should be coerced out of them. Male supremacy is an ideology with many faces. Its unifying thread is virulent, at times violent misogyny, and the practice of blaming women and a large feminist conspiracy for the ills of (mostly white) men today. Like other hate groups, male supremacist hate groups propagate conspiracies that see the world as a matriarchy propped up by “cultural Marxism” meant to eradicate or subjugate men. It is driven by the belief that men are entitled to a superior place in society than women, which are biologically and intellectually inferior — as a result, any advancement that women might have obtained is nothing more than a usurpation. Like white supremacy, male supremacy is driven by fear and anger at the loss of white male status.

The world has become harder for the lower rungs of men not just in terms of women. Blue collar men find it harder to get work. The world mechanized and globalized. The writing was on the wall for a long time: Get a skill or get marginalized. Instead, these chronic virgins have made their lack of sexual success into a number of ridiculous internet movements:

Alt-right/white supremacy

Alt-right is another weasel-word to avoid being associated with things normal people find abhorrent. I’m not a pimp I’m a manager! I’m not a White Nationalist, I’m into Human Biodiversit. Steve Bannon describes White Nationalists (WNs) and other White Pride folks as "losers". I agree with him, it really is an ideology for losers. It is really just a plea for intra-white socialism. The bottom 20% of whites (in brains/looks/talent/character) are accustomed to being subsidized by the other 80% and now they face competition from other groups.

That is all there is to WN i.e. limiting competition. And now you see why it's so widespread in the manosphere. WNs are, by definition, extremely unattractive to women (particularly white women). That is why the movement is 99% male, and a disproportionate share of those men are gay.


Pick Up Artists (PUA) have focused on teaching men how to manipulate women into sex, all the while constantly disparaging women. However, the modern PUA community is not a gentleman’s club for playboys; it’s an echo-chamber for involuntary celibates who simply LARP as playboys on the internet. It would completely fall apart if there were pictures attached. PUA tactics are transparent to even moderately educated women, explaining their persistent 'need' to deny women an education. Arguably, the biggest name in this scene is Daryush Valizadeh, known online as Roosh V.

Roosh struggles to define his place in a world that has seemingly turned against him. Doosh started out as a friendless virgin writing about his attempts at having sex while self-publishing seduction/sex guides for the developmentally disabled. He found a niche with frustrated virgins, women-hating men and white supremacists that are willing to pay him for forum access, his books and more. He relies on heavily generalizing woman into whores and desperate sluts to keep traffic flowing. Most of his "encounters" are completely fabricated, and his Roosh V persona is essentially a fantasy created to sell books to the desperate, I'll-do-anything margins of society. In reality, Roosh is mostly an involuntary celibate, sometimes getting an unattractive girl drunk enough to go home with him. In 2016 he was forced to canceled scores of meet-ups for readers of his websites after publishing an article suggesting rape should be legalized on private property. He later claimed he was "joking" and persecuted because "liberalism" hates white men and not because he was advocating rape.

Over the years, Roosh has built a small army of fanatics (maximum about 500), who create sockpuppet accounts to increase their presence while threatening women online. He's made a decent living (not more then $1000 a month) out of selling a fantasy to sad and lonely guys who lie online about their conquests in his internet forum. The forums are a community of bitter, mentally ill autistic men convincing each other that women have to be obedient and feminine while using phrases such as "pump and dump". Various sections are about all imaginary conquests in familiar places. It's mostly factory workers visiting low cost places thinking that they're somehow special. The only thing that they've really picked up on is the tendency for those "elite" clubs to be filled with escorts, drug dealers and other interesting types.

The biggest irony regarding Roosh is that he teaches social skills but lacks even the Basics. And by Basics I mean every effing Basic in the book. He lacks dress sense, grooming, interesting conversation points (pen opener!), talking to Girls (pen opener!!), talking about any subject (pen opener!!!), a sense of self, achievements, social dynamics, group behavior, getting laid, women, mindset(s) of women, empathy, the ability to emotionally connect etc. Autistics learn social interaction the way normal people learn the lines to a play. You can only fake being normal for so long.

Teachings about "game" can be very effective at taking someone who is underachieving with the ladies based on their natural status level, and turning them into a slight overachiever. Much of "game" is simply SALES. The better "game" books will tell you how to raise your status. Models by Mark Manson does this. They will talk about lifting weights, how to dress well, building a social group where you get invited to house parties, finding a status hierarchy where you can be a winner, cultivating interests that allow you to be a good conversationalist, etc, etc.

Real Social Dynamics/RSD

What never ceases to amaze me about RSD, is how they have created a cult-like worship of their ideologies, and drones upon drones of RSD fan boys who accept whatever is said by RSD instructors like mindless zombies. What most men in this community have been taken in by, is the idea that attracting women is a "skill-set", where your appearance, success and financial security has absolutely no influence on a women's level of attraction towards you. RSD fan boys live and hope that someday they'll develop the "skill-set" where they can "pick-up" any hot girl walking down the street, regardless of their life situation. As a man I can see the appeal of this belief; but also just how ridiculous it is as well. RSD insinuates that women have an "On switch", and if your "skill-set" is good enough, then you can attract any women you want, even if you're short, fat and socially inept. Instead of saying something along the lines of "Practice talking with women more, and be more sociable" which will inevitably lead to better results; RSD replaces commonsense with psycho-babble and new age spiritualism, maintaining success with women derives from "being in state", "being non-reactive" etc., and other pseudo-pop-spiritualism expressions. What most of their fans refuse to believe is that women have autonomy, and are capable of thinking for themselves, and the idea of "game being a skill-set" is a marketing gimmick perpetuated by RSD in order to sell their bootcamps, DVDs and various other programs.


WTF Is MGTOW? I don't need an ideology. I am my own man. Why talk about it? MGTOW present themselves as male separatists and have chosen to remove themselves from the negative influence of women entirely. MGTOW is not about achievement or self-improvement, it is about bitching and whinny about nothing but their own exaggerated fears. They are basically a bunch of losers who have quit life because it is too hard for them. They are defeated in other words. They are basically a glass half empty type of people. They just want to drag all other men down with them. It is just an emotional crutch for men who have obviously failed at life in general. Once you get right into it, it's really just a bunch of negatives with no passions or ambitions who expect women to just fall into their laps no matter how flawed and damaged they are. They don't even care about men. They offer that illusion.

Happier aboard/International mongers

An assortment of nuts from white supremacists, pedophiles to conspiracy theorists. They are obviously by no means a credible source. The ones who can't get white women and are looking elsewhere can't seem to get yellow women either :lol: . Yet they don't acknowledge they themselves are the problem so blame feminism, jews, illuminati, Satan you name it. Embarrassing for white people to advertise they are middle age pedophiles who cant get white women, so chase filipinas, who still don't want anything to do with them.

The real reason developing countries are attractive to these guys is because their status is artificially elevated as a man from a wealthy country, and many of the women see them as a path to American citizenship. The language barrier also helps to remove intimacy from the relationship; masking the social awkwardness of the man, and reducing the feeling of guilt from the women over the fact that she's exploiting him for cash.

Red Pill

Loony neo-misogynists extrapolating behaviors observed in small subcultures to all women. Take the PUA playbook, which is build on running exploits that work against damaged women and add tons of misogyny = the red pill. Men who pick the red pill learn that it actually works at its intended goal of high-frequency sexuality, and start deploying it on a regular basis are going to conclude (falsely) that most women are damaged, sexually confused, and attracted to superficially charming but toxic "bad boy" types. Then when they get bored of the high-frequency sexuality (most long-term PUAs are clinical sex addicts) and try to have long-term relationships, they're going to fail at it (because PUA skills don't work on any woman you'd want to have a long-term relationship with) and blame that on women too.

Involuntary celibates

Involuntary celibates (or incels), who, having failed to find women either willing to have or to be coerced into sex, turn their anger into calls of violence. One of the incel community’s common complaints is that women prefer “Chads” (empty-headed, good-looking men) to nice men like incels, and for this they deserve punishment.

Manosphere Left

Male feminist usually patronize the feminist ideology simply to elevate their status in women's eyes to get them into the sack (loath as they may be to admit it), except they do it by trying to curry their favor through obsequious groveling. Like any outsider-turned-convert to a religion, the male feminist is always more radical—and dangerous—to the non-believer. Always looking to prove his loyalty, the male feminist will do everything in his power to cut down normal males. They will see oppression and mistreatment when it’s not even there. Obnoxious to the extreme, but very dangerous in many settings. Their tactics include: snarky girl-tone, eye-rolling and lying to themselves and others about their own sexual impulses and imperatives while enjoying praise for defense of women.

What exactly is Feminism?

There is a big blame on feminists. But the hard core feminists are mentally ill and unattractive. Who wants them any way? They hate men because no man wants them. Many women pay lip service to it because they are frustrated with weak men. Technically, a true "feminist" (from the true definition as it was meant to be used by the smarter females who actually think, not the dumb ones who read too many idiot feminists) are just traditionalists who despise stupid guys who just want sex and power. They realized most guys are domineering idiots who never grew up, and the world is horrible inefficient letting them stay in power because they don't really care about anyone else, the more mature you get the less you'll put up with immaturity, black-and-white-perspective people. It's not like the world is full of simultaneously grown up individuals, it's a dynamo of change.

No need for traditional sex roles

The primary reason that most girls/women fall into their default sex role is because most girls are not exceptional or smart or whatever evolved, etc. Now, the same applies to guys! So, no shit, smart girls tend to hate all the dumb guys... Because unless they actually meet an intellectual match, they are bored and shit brained slutty because of that boredness. The levels of compatibility are varied and numerous, including just timing and direction in life, that so many guys and girls tend to ignore until they are talking marriage and shit comes up that says NO-WAY to one of them.


Unhealthy people are having a lot of trouble attracting mates. The face is only of minor importance when you're above a certain threshold. The immune system is most important (how a person smells), then the body (height, muscularity, athletic ability, skin, voice as a measure of lung power, body hair as a mark of testosterone, etc.), then how the face blends with that of a woman (a large nose on a man mixed with a small nose on a woman can give a normal nose to children), then facial symmetry (not the same as beauty), and A man with big arms, wide shoulders and a little waist means he's fit and healthy, and he can go out and hunt. A woman with big breasts, big hips and a tiny waist looks fit for child bearing and foraging.

The oddest thing is the fact that you have so many people with "low" testosterone -- which is a strong indicator of lowered immune system function because the immune system will lower the testosterone levels to increase the immune system functionality. Men have more issues with their health if they don't maintain muscles to support the immune system that is more impair than a female. Females have two sets of immune system repair and stability of energy pathways to defend against energy or byproduct. That's USUALLY why you don't see as many females with autism. Testosterone levels in males and females are generally around a normal level, in terms of percentages of that normal level, males pair with equals much more often than opposites unless you see dominant, power hungry behaviors, aka sociopath, egotistical, etc.

Women have never wanted to marry down socially/financially, but this was less of a problem in the past, since men dominated the top jobs. Now that women have moved into top jobs more and more, the unwillingness of women to marry down means women with good jobs have a difficult time finding acceptable partners, while men with good jobs, like me, have an abundance of choices. Men always had to move up. Generations ago they emigrated to colonies. Men of a warrior spirit are always driven to get off their ass and enlarge themselves. How you do it has changed, but not the spirit. Of course it's possible for an average looking guy to find a mate higher up on the attraction scale than himself for a genuine relationship in the Anglosphere, but he has to grow on her and it has to be her decision. Initial selfishness is the primarily fault a lot of guys suffer from. They only see things from their own perspective and not hers thus forcing her attraction instead of winning it naturally. No self-respecting woman wants to be bullied into liking a man.

80% of the men are always in the bottom 80%, and hypergamy ensures that bottom 80% is not a good place to be for men seeking women. Moving abroad to boost competitiveness is also a zero sum game, since with globalization the local man is catching up.

If you want to live your life according to the teachings of some sociopath who lacks the ability to see women as human, is still single in his 40's, and will never have a truly meaningful relationship with a woman, be my guest. It seems like a pretty bleak existence if you ask me. There's a reason why the majority of men aren't wasting their time with Manosphere bullshit and are actually having fulfilling relationships. High functioning average men don't need shit like that.


Roosh has finally removed the game / travel section from his forum and switched to religion. All I can say is what took him so long? The forum is a complete and utter disgrace. Nonetheless, there seems to be a lot of people in the Manosphere who are puzzled by this decision and who are now ranting / raving. So I would like to address this big mystery.

Act 1

Why the switch to religion? At first nationalism represented an surrogate god to these people, in which the nation-state would be invested with transcendent value and purpose. And just as absoluteness of doctrine had found expression in philosophy and religion, absoluteness would become attached to the nation-state with missionary fervour. However, left-wing progressives won the culture war over the right. Now on the losing side, right-wingers are very angry and upset. I don’t blame them. If my team was in power and lost it, I’d be angry too. This is why we’re getting so much right-wing anger and explains the enthusiastic support of people like Donald Trump, which is confusing to so many. So according to Nietzsche, religion makes suffering tolerable by interpreting it as God’s intention and as an occasion for atonement. It’s hardly surprising that the conservative and libertarian movements that fed into these groups have such an incredible depth of low brain cells. Christianity, accordingly, owed its triumph to the flattering doctrine of personal immortality, that is, to the conceit that each individual’s life and death have cosmic significance. That basically solve all their problems.

Conservatism has always been a losing strategy in the modern era. At the heart of conservatism is cowardice. They fear change and and want everything to stay the same. So in any given year, even if conservatives bust their ass and do everything perfectly to keep things the same and prevent 80% of liberals’ changes, that means liberals have achieved a 20% victory while conservatives have achieved a 0% victory. How do you sell a new house to a liberal... It's all about freedom to choose and explore new designs and affordability, while they balance their ever changing lives. The conservative, otoh, does not like change and needs to be comforted into thinking this will allow people to have their own home and gain responsibilities only realized by those who own a home and have their own real property. Show them it is a strong value benefit to their belief structure and it will help others gain a step towards maturity, become more like they are (as if anyone should ever be that retarded). Life does not will what it has, it wills excess, increase, and abundance.

Of course the plan is to wipeout conservatives, white supremacist, pedophiles, criminals, social rejects, losers, etc, etc with full scale analysis of bacteria/fungi influences on diseases/brain development/civilization. Game changing science is showing that our destinies are not written in our genes but our microbiome. This extends to the brain development and extend of the immune assisted/driven pressures to see the world as dangerous, anxiety inducing, PTSD, etc neuro-wiring intensity amplifiers, which connections are over developed or underdeveloped.

Once the data is published, they'll send these people to treatment "centers" to have their microbiome re-balanced or replaced with a fecal transplant. If they refuse, they'll be locked away with new laws. The data being published is pinning down which bacteria are age-extension-healthy-antidisease bacteria and which are inducing diseases and cancers, diabetes, autism, etc. We now know of extensive re-arrangements of the gene products according to the wider system dynamics.

Act II

With no winnable war in sight, traditional religion offers these losers a way to calm the cosmic energy that manifests or expresses itself through each individual in the form of the sexual drive and the “will to life” that can be seen throughout nature. Life energy is the source of much misery since it is essentially insatiable. The best thing one can do to reduce one’s suffering from this is to find ways to calm it. This is one of the functions of art (see below). It is a basic drive found in everyone, but one that expresses itself in many different ways.

The philosopher and the scientist direct their will to power (Life energy) into a will to truth. Artists channel it into a will to create. Businessmen satisfy it through becoming rich. People unacquainted with Nietzsche’s writings may be inclined to interpret the idea of the will to power rather crudely. He doesn’t advocate the pursuit of power. Rather, he praises the sublimation of the will to power into creative activity. Roughly speaking, he praises those expressions of it he views as creative, beautiful, and life-affirming, and he criticizes expressions of the will to power that he sees as ugly or born of weakness.


Manosphere sites were never a good source of information. It was losers playing with crayons. However, creating tables of values, imposing them on people, and judging the world according to them, is one noteworthy expression of the will to power. Sometimes we need illusions to live well. In other words, these sites and posts were mostly an art project (just made up nonsense) and Roosh just deleted a lot of peoples crayon drawings. Art and artistry carry value both as a straightforward first-order matter, and also as a source of higher-order lessons about how to create value more generally. At the higher-order level, we should learn from artists how to make things beautiful, attractive, desirable for ourselves when they are not. The suggestion is that artistic methods (Moving away from things until there is a good deal that one no longer sees) for the development of analogous techniques that could be deployed beyond art, in life itself. If we had not welcomed the arts and invented this kind of cult of the untrue, then the realization of general untruth and mendaciousness that now comes to us through science—the realization that delusion and error are conditions of human knowledge and sensation—would be utterly unbearable. Honesty would lead to nausea and suicide. But now there is a counterforce against our honesty that helps us to avoid such consequences: art as the good will to appearance.

Act IV

Roosh is creating a literary character out of himself and decided to hurt his ex followers by deleting their work. Nietzsche argues that we exercise power over other people both by benefiting them and by hurting them. When we hurt them we make them feel our power in a crude way—and also a dangerous way, since they may seek to revenge themselves. Making someone indebted to us is usually a preferable way to feel a sense of our power; we also thereby extend our power, since those we benefit see the advantage of being on our side. Nietzsche, in fact, argues that causing pain is generally less pleasant than showing kindness and even suggests that cruelty, because it is the inferior option, is a sign that one lacks power. The strong, healthy, masterly types confidently impose their values on the world directly. The weak, by contrast, seek to impose their values in a more cunning, roundabout way, by making the strong feel guilty about their health, strength, egotism, and pride. One particular form of the will to power that Nietzsche devotes much attention to is what he calls “self-overcoming.” Here the will to power is harnessed and directed toward self-mastery and self-transformation, guided by the principle that “your real self lies not deep within you but high above you.”


It’s time to discard worn-out dogmas and nonsense by silly bar-stool political philosophers guided by their own echo-chambers. I would like to thank Culture Whiz, truly a unique individual who affirms the sum-total of life, for helping me understand all of this. Beyond this, he advances the clarity of the concept of textuality and biology, making explicit some of the forces that hold texts together and so hold us together. Really, one of the smartest people on earth.

I believe these manosphere sites will continue to disappear without a superman/philosopher to provide a way of life, as well as endorsement of the life-affirming value of sleeping with women. The ultimate criterion for human power involves the manner in which it values life, i.e., "Does this will serve to strengthen itself or weaken itself?" This at once affirms that the source of all (human) "forms of life" is will to power and also that some forms seem to enhance this drive (e.g., the artist) while others seems to negate this drive (e.g., the Christian Moral Ideal). The sustaining values of Western civilization have been sublimated products of decadence in that the ascetic ideal endorses existence as pain and suffering. In the tragic age, the Greeks were able to create a world of beauty and meaning and yet affirm the inevitable negativity of life, thereby affirming life as a whole.

With the advent of the scientific spirit (personified by Socrates) the forces of form and formlessness became separated into an antagonistic conflict, where the principle of form was given priority. The Socratic search for “truth” (i.e., an abiding form beyond appearance and change) represents the rejection of the artistic spirit (i.e., the view that form is a creation out of an indeterminate chaos, not “truth”). In this way the Apollonian principle is severed from the Dionysian, resulting in the opposition between reason (form alone) and chaos (mystery and destruction), and the attempt to eliminate or at least devalue the latter.

According to Nietzsche, with this Platonic inversion of tragic priorities, where now form takes precedence over formlessness and unchanging form becomes the criterion for truth, western man begins to be alienated from a world constituted by becoming. The ideals of western (i.e., post-tragic) culture represent the predominance of Apollonian tendencies and the subordination of Dionysian instincts, or even the complete devaluation of the Dionysian (either in the other-worldly form of Christianity, or the worldly form of scientific rationalism). In any case, Nietzsche feels that the consequences are the weakening of life-affirming instincts, and the loss of creativity and attunement to a world of change.


Turning to religion is also a way for them to justify their unresolved desire to possess a woman. See: https://culturewhiz.org/forum/topic/what-love

Likewise, those who turn to Christianity for their advantage try to become truly pious. In that way the religious pantomime is easier for them...

Dorks on the move

Out of curiosity, I did some research on where these guys were headed after Roosh abandoned them. It appears a lot of PUA/Manosphere guys are now on incel.com and some ridiculously goofy website called "swoop the world". I've only learned of the latter because of the RVF implosion, and their (mostly failed) effort to catch the traffic that RVF had lost. They got a bunch of RVF guys in there, but mostly even lower-quality guys than Roosh had, and they don't even bother to post much. It's weird how 100 + RVF members registered in a couple of days, and no one post anything. I think it's because swoop the world is basically a hot-tub for old men to get together and brag about the latest Filipino (hooker) they've been banging and ridicule and bash others. So browsing doesn't inspire anyone to make a contribution, so no one does. They probably should not have put restrictions on subject matter. However, totally BAN right wingers and anyone talking racist nonsense. Sorry, free sex a left wing/liberal thing. Trying to connect that conservative and neo-nazis is just asking for freaks to join.

It's crazy how all the Roosh threads were locked / banned. The ONE topic that their forum was doing a better job than Roosh's (though nowhere near as good as here, it goes without saying). These guys are, on the one hand, like "MUH FREE SPEECH ROOSH BANNED ME" and, on the other hand, they are like "NO YOU can't talk about the one thing everyone here wants to talk about BECOZ REASONS!!." If you can't usually work in a whole forum because there's a single OPEN thread on a topic that everybody and their cat would like to talk about you need to be excluded for your own sake. Get a fuckin 'life and stop being astounded by the fact that a few dozen men, who spent half their life online had their lives radically changed and essentially turned around by a retard for almost a decade, would like to spend a couple of pages talking about it. Are the mods stupid or something? Rottenness is for sure one of the dumbest people on earth with his silly hair plugs. What stupid management to hire such a dumb mod.

The forum has already failed once. It's been up for three years but before the influx of RVF refugees, it was dead. There was nothing remarkable about it. You've got a throwaway front page full of generic PUA content that's supposed to attract young horny impressionable males. Then you have a forum that is supposedly intended to facilitate discussion, but which is actually devoid of discussion. Just lame stories and troll attacks. So it's naive to think that the influx of RVFers was going to change things, because the management that ran the previous iteration of the forum is the same, making the same mistakes. Poor leadership means no depth, so all you're left with is some "location-independent" sex-addicted monkeys who think that because a moron met another moron in real life, they're now automatically "legitimate" and somehow their stupid lowbrow opinions gain value. They've failed before, and they'll fail to create a good community again, because they're stupid, and a billion new members won't be able to change that.

As for the advertising issue, where people are banned for talking about their blogs or whatever, they could have done what this site has done. Create a platform for people to offer their services and take a percentage of whatever they sell like Ebay, AMAZON, Alibaba, etc. If some service is shit, kick them off the platform. Problem solved.


If you want deep discussion, you need deep thinkers. Leaders need to post articles that inspire others to contribute. You also need a platform that supports content creators. RVF was built around Roosh V and swoop the web on exaggerate or even fabricate accomplishments. So it tends to be a low-trust climate. What's amusing is that the entire PUA scene has been dead for months. No one's writing anything remotely interesting anymore. The only interesting thing that was going on ... was Roosh. And Swoop forbade the discussion. STUPID.

Moreover, after six months of fair notice, they claim to be have caught flat on their feet about their posting on RVF being removed, like a hack artist who spat in the face of his landlord when he was evicted, and then, out of pure laziness, forgot to retrieve his hideous paintings for six long months until they got a face-to-face message that they were left behind on the trash day.

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