Ukraine in a Nutshell

Ukraine (Ukrainian: Укрaїна) is a large country in Eastern Europe, and the second largest country in Europe. Ukraine has a very rich culture and history, as well as a multitude of activities for the aspiring traveler.

While Ukraine has fertile farmlands, a well-developed industrial base, and a strong education system, these factors have not translated into wealth for the vast majority of Ukrainians.

Due to high levels of corruption, bad economic management, and political instability, the Ukraine is one of the poorest countries in Europe. Due to high levels of emigration, a dropping birthrate, and a high death rate, the country has one of the fastest-shrinking populations of any significant nation.

After the country's independence, many Ukrainians have emigrated in search of better opportunities. Although the majority of Ukrainians emigrate to Russia, some have taken advantage of opportunities in the European Union.

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Art & Museums
The Ukraine State Aviation Museum (Museums of planes) offers a marvelous collection of Soviet built aircraft. Even if you're not interested in aviation this is still a great place to visit. Kiev is home to the Antonov Design Bureau. You'll see rare Antonov types on display. There are plenty of...
Club & Bars
Bora Bora Beach Club is a world class Beach club, located in the heart of the capital of Ukraine, on the bank of the Dnieper river. It was created in order to escape from everyday hustle and bustle, without ever leaving city limits. The exclusivity of the place emphasized by the originality of its...
Club & Bars
City Beach Club - Ukraine's first beach on the roof in the center of Kiev! Get here early -10:30am-, its first come first serve and you'll want a sun bed. Cost is $32 and you get 4 people in for that. Otherwise you'll be paying $8 each anyway for a way less social place you can bring girls back to...
Club & Bars
Olmeca Plage is a masterpiece created with an exquisite refinement, an inspiration to be remembered. Olmeca Plage guarantees to give you some of the most unforgettable moments of your summer. Swim in a crystal clear water pool or relax by it listening to cool music and join pool parties under warm...

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