Ukraine in a Nutshell

Ukraine (Ukrainian: Укрaїна) is a large country in Eastern Europe, and the second largest country in Europe. Ukraine has a very rich culture and history, as well as a multitude of activities for the aspiring traveler.

While Ukraine has fertile farmlands, a well-developed industrial base, and a strong education system, these factors have not translated into wealth for the vast majority of Ukrainians.

Due to high levels of corruption, bad economic management, and political instability, the Ukraine is one of the poorest countries in Europe. Due to high levels of emigration, a dropping birthrate, and a high death rate, the country has one of the fastest-shrinking populations of any significant nation.

After the country's independence, many Ukrainians have emigrated in search of better opportunities. Although the majority of Ukrainians emigrate to Russia, some have taken advantage of opportunities in the European Union.

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Babi Yar, a ravine in the capital of Ukraine, was used as a massacre spot for the Jewish people leaving in Kiev at that time. After the dissolution of the Soviet Union, the ravine was transformed into a park, currently known as the Babi Yar Memorial Park. The park contains various monuments which...
Square of Contracts or Contract Square (Ukrainian: Контрактова площа, translit.: Kontraktova ploshcha) is the oldest square in the capital of Ukraine. The square is located in the Podol district. It got it's name from the historic trade deals that took place at that location. In English, its name...
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High up there on the list of weirdest experiences in Kiev is the well hidden Palata No6 named after Anton Chekhov's story about life in a madhouse. And mad it certainly is. You will be greeted by bar tenders wearing doctors uniforms and waitresses dressed as sexy nurses. Order a drink and your...
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Barbara bar is opened a few months ago but it’s already established itself as one of the trendiest bars in the Ukrainian capital, thanks to its tasty breakfast and unconventional interior where every piece of furniture is on sale. Breakfast is available round the clock—perfect after a night out or...
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Caribbean Club was opened first at 1998, then in 2013, it was opened once again and he is one of the oldest clubs in Kiev. The Today Caribbean Club is a unique place in Kiev. Club’s repertories are pop and rock artists, jazz concerts, theatre Latin dance parties, disco, humorous and dance shows,...
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Coyote Ugly Saloon is the most famous bar in the United States and also has bars in Russia, Germany and Ukraine. In the summer of 2013, Coyote Ugly Kiev opened its doors. A 25 -metre bar dominates the bar and doubles as a dance floor for the bar girls. Every night there are parties, full of dancing...

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