Dnipropetrovsk is Awesome

Submitted 1 year 1 month ago by Aleksey.

The people are waaaaay friendlier than in Kiev where they are polite, but rush off in a second- no time for you. Here, they will talk to you even when at work. I chatted up a blonde waitress- she was nice and slim about 22. While chatting her up, another one went by- just as pretty. If you remember movies about his Slovenian or Czech girlfriends, wives, and other females, well, this is what they look like here. All wear skirts, the hair is streaming in the air, nice bods, the works.

At the hotel, they floor managers are these women in their 30ies- still very good looking. I was embarrassed having them come and clean my room. Over the trees, grim project houses tower and behind them, yet grimmer industrial buildings hang over. Kind of like some neglected version of Gotham City.

The Dnieper here is way wider than in Kiev, and the riverside walk goes on for miles and miles. Unlike in Kiev, where only some people walk, but most people run, here you have huge crowds strolling leisurely along the river, relaxing on the grass with hookah pipes and eating and shopping in stores and cafes selling all kinds of stuff.

And it's Tuesday night but it feels like the 4th of July.


Today I went downtown Dnipro and did an experiment involving perception. I tried to imagine that I was in the US. I looked around and tried to see where this place would be if it in fact were the US. For a while it worked, but then it all became a twilight zone.

This is a run down rust belt town somewhere in Michigan or OH. Same trees and same project houses. Old buildings and pot holes in the roads. Nice and green, though. A big river runs through town. The illusion held for a while. Then, it all became bizarre.

There are not many cars, and the sidewalks are full of people- just like in the US 100 + years ago. They are strolling happily. The people are all almost all white and light haired, extremely well dressed, lots of girls everywhere- blondes in minis and dresses like they are all going to the prom. Some are so white, they are almost translucent and the skin is almost bluish. There are lots and lots of stores and stalls. People are selling gooseberry- yes- gooseberry on the street and also, they are selling sunflower seeds. Weird.

Did not see any Asian people here. Not one yet. Met some Turks who spoke unaccented Russian. And quite a few Black Africans speaking French. Saw Ukrainians with Africans walking hand in hand -girls mostly- and then a UA girl with two African guys.

From what I've read about Black people in Dnipro is that when they started coming here some 15 years ago, the initial reaction was fear and hostility but they overcame it by doing their best to act as local as possible. Now, they are doing OK and all look very happy and relaxed.

The place is weird from the American pov.