If Earth Was a Human India Will Definitely Be it's Asshole

Submitted 2 years 3 months ago by maxpain.

India is hell on Earth. India is the not the "biggest" democracy in the world, as all Indians boast, but the biggest HYPOCRISY in the world. It’s all “peaceful” and great until you get hepatitis b/e from drinking or eating over there. Then you’re out sick for months with liver damage. NONE of their waterways would pass a single US standard…..NONE. I was there on business and it was one of the worst place I’ve ever visited. Case in point, the sight of men urinating against walls and the poor defecating on the rail road track as train was leaving Delhi and absolute slum next to 5-star Crowne Plaza. India is a mess and Indians don’t seem to want to get ahead. They had to correct their GDP a few times:


Apparently some government official screwed up a spreadsheet (WOW). It’s a society where individualism and power of small groups rules roost. There is no national consciousness. Not even regional consciousness. It’s about 20,000 or more tribes, castes and classes that are suspicious of each other and only look out for their own gains. You can find beggars in ragged clothes on the highways in Delhi, the capital of the country. India is worse than Africa. Yes, even the whole of sub-Saharan Africa does not have so many poor people as in India. Most of the cities look like garbage piles. There’s zero nightlife in 2nd tier cities and they’re super conservative. Guys drink in darkened restaurants. I mean, there is some good, but the bad outweighs the good.

Filth is everywhere in India and everything is done in a haphazard manner because all they want to do is to get the job done even if the output is shoddy. Indian’s so-called IT “professionals” are the laughing stock of the world. They are known throughout the west as the most inept, useless, uncreative software engineers in the world.


Everyone has found their comfort zone and that’s all they care about. The better one flee abroad to work and live. They built highways but they are narrow, broken and patched up because they were made with low-quality inputs and built by amateurs who have no idea about building good roads or designing usable roads. They built buildings but they are ugly concrete monstrosities and crumple fast. But Indians are quick to blame corruption but most lack any moral compass themselves. One cannot blame corruption for the fact that restaurant-owners don’t even keep their own restaurants clean and customers don’t mind eating in filthy conditions. One cannot blame corruption for the way every shopkeeper tries to scam by price-gouging or selling shoddy/spoilt goods if they can get away with it. India is resource-poor and its people are not resourceful except in surviving or just about getting on.