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Kyiv, a transliteration of the Ukrainian Київ, has long been the city's official name. Kiev is a transliteration of the Russian Киeв, and is a common alternative English name for the region. In English-language guidebooks, the spelling of the city name is debatable.

The city was built on the banks of the Dnipro River. The city's name in Ukrainian is transliterated as "Kiev," and this variant is used in official English language materials in Ukraine, major English-speaking countries, and foreign organizations. For many Ukrainians, the spelling of the city's name is a sensitive political issue since the obsolete "Kiev" spelling is based on the Russian transliteration that was prevalent during the Soviet occupation and thus recalls Russian control over Ukraine. To avoid hurting anyone's feelings, it's best to use Kyiv while in Ukraine. The same is true for using "Ukraine" instead of the archaic "the Ukraine."

People in Kyiv are generally friendly and willing to assist you. However, if you don't speak Ukrainian or Russian, you may have difficulty getting service in restaurants and shops, though this is slowly changing among younger generations who have had more exposure to English.

Though 85 percent of residents claim Ukrainian ancestry, the majority of Kyivans speak Russian (though all Kyivans can understand and speak Ukrainian); Ukrainian is mainly spoken by immigrants from Western or Central Ukraine. Kyiv, like many former Soviet cities, is a multicultural city where you will undoubtedly encounter ethnic Russians (who make up about 13% of the city's population), as well as Armenians, Azeris, Belarusians, Georgians, and Tatars. There are also those who claim Jewish, Polish, Romanian, and Hungarian ancestry.

Officially, all signals are only in Ukrainian. Since 2011, signs with Latin transliteration have begun to appear throughout Ukraine.

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Nightlife & Bars
Avalon is a complex of two different restaurants and clubs. Most people end up on the roof top balcony. Very popular Place. Delicious European, Japanese and Ukrainian cuisines. Prices are very high for Kiev. Address : Leontovycha St, 3, Kyiv, 01030
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Beautiful interior, elegant dining, excellent food, cocktails & food. Perfect if you’re out to impress. The basis of menu is author's European cuisine, where the emphasis is made on the diverse seafood of the northern seas. Specialties of the house are crudo from sibass, turbine with olives and...
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Forsage is a three-story club with a total floor area of 1800 square meters. The main dance floor has a capacity of over 1,000 and is one of the largest in the city. There's also a smaller VIP dance room and a lounge bar. The club is situated approximately three miles west of Kiev City, next to the...

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